If you’re like me, you probably know what it’s like to pee before an audience, drink cold coffee and count to 3, more than 30,000 times a day. You love what you do, but even under the best circumstances, there are some days that just get so desparate!

You’ve probably even come across questioning the choice you made to sacrifice what you gave up to stay home for your kiddos, even though you’re highly aware of the reason you made that choice. You also know it is the ultimate, most important, temporary job you will have ever done in your life!

If you know what I’m talkin’ about, I’m happy to tell you that this site was created with you in mind!

I whole-heartedly promise that this blog is not a personal journal of my “insta-perfect” (not-so-perfect) mommy life! Psh…Not even! It is a recourse for YOU. I’m not here just to randomly throw you some irrelevant stories about my babies, a day in my life, etc. because, well……NOBODY CARES!

My ultimate goal is to inspire you as a fellow SAHM, help you acknowledge your faith and make you feel a particular connection to the Mom who shares your everyday (and night) challenges.

So. Would any degree of encouragement here, help even with one problem, or just get through “one of those days”? Let me empower you with content that will uplift you to and help you overcome your daily trials. Brace yourself for anything and everything motivational from topics on marriage and motherhood, to faith and home-making!

But first, let’s get to know each other! (Grab some wine) 😉


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