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What would you do with your personal time if you weren’t a Stay-at-Home Mom?

What is the main factor getting in the way of your particular aspirations? Time? Money? Energy? You probably can’t even imagine your life without your littles! Maybe Momming is all you know, and you’ve felt like you lost yourself. The truth is, the day will inevitably come when your children will leave. What then? What will you do next?

What if, you can still be “Mrs”. and “Mommy” without losing your sense of fulfillment and identity as a person?

Whether your personal inclinations proceed from your hobbies, professional aspirations, particular talents, or guilty pleasures, my content is designed to motivate you to invest time, effort and energy on you, like you do for everyone else. Because when your kids are gone, I don’t want you waking up one day to find yourself alone, lost and empty handed, because you forgot you existed.

Before you stick around

I am not here to suggest working out of the home for hours at a time or leaving your kids in daycare all day, or that only a professional degree can measure your success as a woman.

WHAT YOU DO IS IMPORTANT!!! There is a REASON you chose to do this.

My goal is to help you embody purpose in what you do, without sacrificing your own individuality. I want to see you fulfill your role as a Wife and Mom with purpose and motivation, while still embracing your identity as a Woman!

From a Latina’s perspective to the overwhelmed SAHM raising toddlers, brace yourself for words that will uplift you as a Wife, as a Stay-at-Home Mom, and ultimately, as a Woman!

But first, let’s get to know each other! (Grab some wine) 😉






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