What’s in Here for You?

I have packed up for you, a magnitude of inspiration designed to get you through “those days“. You know, those freakin’ days! The ones that make you hide in the bathroom and hop on Google and Facebook, or Pinterest to ask for help.

So whether you need an activity, a laugh, or kleenex, let me empower you with content that will uplift you as Wife, as a Stay-at-home Mom and as a Woman!

My whole-hearted promise to you:

This blog is NOT a personal journal of my “insta-perfect” (not-so-perfect) Mommy life! Psh…Not even! It is a recourse for YOU, and not a place for irrelevant stories about my babies, or a day in my life, etc. because, well……No one cares!

My ultimate goal is to inspire you as a fellow SAHM, help you acknowledge your faith and make you feel a particular connection to the Mom, who shares your everyday (and night) challenges. 

From a Latina’s perspective to the SAHM in general, brace yourself for anything and everything motivational from topics on marriage and motherhood, to faith and home-making!

But first, let’s get to know each other! (Grab some wine) 😉

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