10 Effortless Ways To Refresh Your Home This Summer!!

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Is it just me or do you ever automatically take a whiff upon entering a home or office that feels cool and fresh as soon as you come in?

The hotter the whether is getting, the more I have been inspired and motivated to make my home a place I really look forward coming to, that will totally relax me after a hot day out. The smell that greets me plays the most impact on the overall vibe my home gives and the mood in general it will put me in.

It is a SUPER amazing and BLISSFUL feeling to be able to walk into your own home, feel just the right level of cool air and freshness AND have an amazing “clean home” scent greet you and automatically enhance your mood!

Because you are here to find out how to refresh your home this summer, keep reading to see the 10 things I have personally done to add that invigorating bliss!

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1-Nothing, not even a running AC gives off fresh like a clean home. I don’t mean tidy, I just mean clean as in trash out, dishes done and bathroom wiped down. Want take the fresh feel up a notch, mop the house 😉

2-Display real plants around the home. Connecting with nature during this season never fails!

3-Keep your bed clean and made. What is more rewarding than being able to crawl into fresh crisp sheets at the end of a long hot day?

4-Let in natural light from outdoors. Have your blinds and curtains open just to enhance that sense of nature!

5-Have some fresh lemonade or iced tea ready to go for the family or for guests you might have over.

6-There will inevitably be days when you just want to indulge in some frozen goodness. Keep the freezer stocked with something sweet to have right off the bat with the fam or with company.

7- Freshen up all linens. Wash up those covers, sheets, curtains, etc. Repeat once they loose that fresh fragrance.

8-Have a pretty hand soap in your kitchen and bathroom. I love having an appealing hand soap that not only looks pretty but smells amazing! It’s great to have in a fresh clean bathroom especially.

9-Buy bath and body products that appeal to you! The only thing fresher than a cool shower is smelling something nice on you after you’ve washed up. Scent enhances your mood as it is, so this will feel much better!

10-Update your home decor. This doesn’t mean break the bank on a whole transformation. It means implementing small details and elements that enhance a genuine sense of relaxation. Seasonal trinkets for example, or a couple of relaxing paintings or summer inspired candles. It can literally be something as simple as displaying fresh flowers!

11-Touch up your favorite room in the home. Where do you spend a lot of time? Where would you feel most relaxed? Say you want to be able to walk into a cool, fresh and clean bathroom; enhance the bliss with beach decor, for example.

12- My ultimate ‘touch up” to a fresh home is fragrance! Room spray is the best to have on hand during the summer and it is perfect for when unexpected visitors are on their way too!

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Final Thoughts

Lastly, my friend, I would like the following to be the peak of today’s takeaway: Acquire inner peace and joy, most importantly. You, my fellow sister, are the heart of your home. The way you nourish your soul and mind will show; what your heart is filled with is what will impact the overall vibe in your family and ultimately your home.

Take care of you, express genuine love on the people you share your home with and then you can proceed to take care of the rest.

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