10 Gift Ideas for Mamas Over 40

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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This past weekend I was out shopping and I came across this older woman, she looked to be maybe in about her 50s. She was standing right behind the check out line rummaging through some large, poster-like Mother’s Day cards. Upon standing behind her she told me: “Oh i’m not in line hun, i’m just tryin’ to make up my mind over card ‘cause I guess Mother’s Day is coming up soon; I don’t even know when. All I know is my Mama’ll kill me if I don’t get ‘er a Mother’s Day card!”

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I just laughed and thanked her, but she got me thinking. For some reason or another, some people just don’t feel that big of a deal around this day. We all have different circumstances, so while some look forward to it, others dread it or simply don’t care. And still others, wait last minute to get that special something because you have no idea what that something should be. So whether you simply want to make sure she knows you thought about her (so you don’t have to hear it), or whether you truly do cherish this and want to make it special for her, here are 10 gift ideas any woman would be thrilled to have! (And they aren’t too pricey) 😉

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10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Mamas Over 40

Gift Basket

Give her the ultimate spa experience from the comfort of her own home with this cute ocean inspired gift basket that includes shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt, soap and plastic tub. This highly uplifting fragrance provides such a sense of relaxation and refreshment, especially as the warm weather approaches!

Bath Bombs

A perfect approach to soak in luxury the natural way and smell divine glory at the same time! These nice smelling and relaxing bath bombs will leave you feeling soft and moisturized without leaving a filthy tub behind!

Multi Grooming Kit

I loved this upon finding it! This 4 in 1 trimming kit is painless, easy to store and easy to clean. It includes body shaver, nose trimmer, facial shaver, and eyebrow trimmer. Functions on batteries and is perfectly portable to carry wherever! Showing extra skin this season will make her wanna look her best!

Silver Necklace

This is my ultimate favorite Moms necklace! It is one that I would be absolutely thrilled to have for myself. The design of this exquisite pendant is beyond lovely, with the perfect sparkly heart right in the center.

Spring Bracelet

Simple, yet elegant this beautiful bracelet will give the perfect touch of spring and summer, even through autum with these pretty peach, mint and ivory acrylic flowers. Fancy, yet unexpensive!

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Funny Mug

Coffee mugs always make great gifts don’t they? Remind your Mama how pretty you are, make her laugh in the process and have her think about you every time she drinks outta this!

Grandma T-Shirt

If you are on this site you are likely a Momma. If there is a number 1 thing grandma’s love, that would be being a grandma! You can help her make the world know it by gifting her with something like this that she can proudly wear around. Your babies will be proud too, for their gift to grandma. 😉

Fashion Scarf

This fashionable, bright colored scarf is perfect for spring through fall, in terms and comfort as well as the look and it comes in over 20 different beautifully bright colors (this one was my fav)!

Designer Handbag

This gorgeous fashion designer handbag comes in over 10 bright colors that would beautifully enhance a pretty lady’s spring apparel this warm season. It is spacey and also has shoulder straps!

If you can read this, get me some wine!

Yeah, I wish I was saying that to you and we can share a glass over this screen, haha! But that’s what these socks say. Is she a wine drinker? She would love these. “I” would love these! These make a great little side gift in addition to anther gift or feminine basket.



Proverbs 31 printables

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A Final Word

I don’t know to what degree your mother and you carry out a relationship, whether it is an awesome one, a decent one or simply non existent. But hey, you made it this far in the post so I will assume that you do think of her. What I want to leave you with is this, don’t just go and hand her a gift to make her happy and then move on. Plan ahead of time with ways you can engage with her to make that day special and memorable for her. You make sure she actually has a good Mother’s Day! You can find and give her the most cutest or expensive gifts, but we both know that the ultimate degree of value is held in what comes out of the heart; not what comes out of the pocket. And you, you make sure you spoil yourself and do something for you as well😉

10 mother's day gift ideas

Happy Mother’s Day!

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10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Mamas Over 40

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