12 Blissful Morning Routine Ideas To Set The Tone For The Day

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“Ugh, my coffee babe!” I heard in my sleep as my husband discovered an empty coffee maker basket. It was 4-am and we had forgotten to prep it and set the timer the night before.

Between choosing to pretend I didn’t hear him and continue to sleep OR get my lazy butt up to help, I proceeded to brew enough coffee for both of us (I knew I was not going to fall asleep again).

Whatever happened to my “blissful” morning routines? I used to eagerly start my days as soon as my husband left for work. My mornings were so filled with peace and joy. I’d be motivated throughout my whole day!

I still can not quite figure out what affected the lively spirits that kept me up strong and motivated all day. In an intent to hold myself accountable at recovering the “morning person” I used to be, I might as well do it with a post like this one. It may, in the process, help you as well if you are looking for morning routine ideas that will positively set the tone for the rest of your day in an uplifting way!

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12 Morning Routine Ideas for Moms

1-Wake up enough time before your kiddos do; at least 1 hr ahead of time.

2-Do not check your phone at all for at least the first 30 minutes to the start of your day.

3-Embrace a moment of gratitude, meditation and prayer, acknowledging the start of a new day!

4-Prep your favorite warm drink.

5-Read material that nourishes your growth and spirituality

6-Take care of a chore that evokes relaxation.

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7-Listen to a podcast while you’re at it.

8-Indulge in a soothing activity such as a shower, a moment outside alone, a walk, etc.

9-Make your bed!

10-Put on a comfortable, but uplifting outfit that will actually really make you feel good upon looking in the mirror!

11-Plan 1 extra special thing to do with your children for the day that you know they will absolutely love.

12-Ultimately, show your kiddos the affection they need the moment they wake up! Lovingly start their day with the cuddles and that will set the tone for their day!

Final Thoughts

Remember the part about me not waking up as early as I used to? Let me just stress the fact that regardless of what time your day starts, from experience I can tell you that the way you approach the start your day and what you do is what will ultimately make or break the overall flow of the rest of your day!

On days that I wake up late, for example, my day cannot proceed until I have poured me a cup of coffee, cuddled with the kiddos, and done at least one soothing activity that makes me feel relaxed (usually this means a nice walk outdoors for me.)

What is your personal go-to approach for an amazing day ahead?

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