12 Household Uses For Coconut Oil You Haven’t Heard Of!

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I was already in my 20s, just starting a life of my own when I was browsing Trader Joe’s one day. I approached the coconut oil section and spotted the good ol’ Organic Virgin Coconut Oil on the shelf. I had repeatedly hear how “good” and “amazing” this multi-use product was. But it didn’t get more detaileld that that, and curious and asked an older lady a couple feet from where I was.

“Oh it’s great for lots of things”, she said. “You can use it on your hair, it’s also a good natural mouth rinse, it’s great for your skin…”

Maybe I just live in a bubble but unless it’s beauty related, I hardly ever hear anyone discuss other beneficial uses of coconut oil. Because there are other uses! Uses such as medicinal as well as household uses. And because I am a big fan of coconut oil, I want to share with you, the household uses for coconut oil that you probably have not heard of or tried before!

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1-Label remover! Have sticky residue on any hard surface? Coconut oil will do the trick to remove it.

2-If you have an annoying squeaky hinge somewhere, coconut oil will completely fix that for you!

3-Speaking of annoying, if you have scuff marks on walls, shoes, floors, etc. use coconut oil to remove them.

4-Coconut oil is a must have for Moms! If your kiddo ever gets gum stuck in the hair, remove it will the coconut oil.

5-Use coconut oil as a DIY polish for your household furniture.

6-This one surprised me, but apparently crayon scribbles will easily come of the walls if you wipe it off with some coconut oil.

7-Coconut oil is a good cleaner and moisturizer for products made of leather.

8-When your fingers swell and you need to take off your ring, coconut oil will make it a lot easier.

9-Use it to condition your cutting board, By rubbing some coconut oil to it, it keeps moisturized and protected from harmful bacteria.

10-Make a good sink, tub and tile cleaner that will remove soap scum when you mix the oil with some baking soda to form a paste. scrub and wipe away after 15 mintues!

11-Have stainless steal furniture in your kitchen? Make them gleam with a wipe down using coconut oil.

12-Prevent dust build-up by rubbing a small amount on furniture as well as blinds and ceiling fans.

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Final Thoughts

Something cool always happens when I apply some creativity with the most simple and dirt cheap resources I usually already have on hand! Other than motivating me to get stuff done, it is an ideal source of inspiration for me to try new things, save money (lots of money) and have fun!

In fact, just having written this post is already giving me an idea on other cheap quality household products that have an insane amount of uses! Think borax, vinegar, baking soda, lemons, witch hazel etc. I plan on having a whole series of posts on these, so stay tuned!

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