15 Soothing Evening Routine Ideas For Moms (For A Restful Night’s Sleep!)

evening routine ideas for moms

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“Ugh! It’s just that I can not believe that I can’t even enjoy a simple cup of coffee one bit! It’s been spilled 3 times already since I sat down!!” I complained to my husband upon noticing his disapproval at my facial expression while juggling my 1 yr old on one hand and my coffee on the other.

Yes, I’m a Mom of 3 under 4 and I literally said that.πŸ˜‘

It was 8:30pm. I made sure everyone had something warm to drink and a comfy spot on the couch. All I wanted right before bed was for everyone to slow down so we can go over the day’s gospel in peace. And somehow, before we even started, my toddlers had hopped over me, spilling my coffee on my lap multiple times!

All I could do was think to myself “This is so not what I had in mind”.

That night, even after I actually managed to be in my room on time once the kiddos were FINALLY tucked in, (not ASLEEP) but tucked in, I had already gotten in such a bad mood, that I did not accomplish enjoying that time i had set aside for myself to begin with.

Why is it so hard to set the tone for the night?

Clearly, just making a plan is not the ideal approach. You see, it was “one of those days” that made me feel that on THIS particular day, I was gonna really need some extra down time before turning off my lamp for the night. When simply looking forward to my evening going a particular way based on the type of day I had, I blew up all at once when everything went wrong because I had failed to acknowledge that this is a matter that should be prioritized as a CONSISTENT ROUTINE!

Do you need an evening routine that will set the tone for a peaceful night on the long run? Here are 10 evening routine ideas that will garantee a calm and relaxing approach to your bedtime every night!

15 Evening Routine Ideas For Moms

To begin with, make your evening routine just that. A routine!

In order for this to be effective, it is importantant that you prioritize this time in the first place. Carry it out so that the kids know it’s bed time when it’s bed time. Every night. No negotiating.

Make it a quiet moment with the least noise/sounds possible

Having Netflix on in the background or your husband’s watching videos on his phone without headphones is not going to give you the ideal environment needed for a restful experience. The day has so much noise as it is. Being able to embrace complete silence brings inmense peace!


Part of setting the tone for a calm evening is the lighting in your bedroom. Ideally, you would use a nightstand lamp vs your room’s main lighting. There is always something so soothing about soft lighting, no matter what time of day it is! Soft lighting is so inviting.


Speaking of setting the tone, one other thing that goes hand in hand with that is setting the MOOD. These are 2 different factors. While one impacts the overall vibe of your environment, the other has a more direct (75% to be exact) effect on your own mood and how you feel. For example, my thing is the smell of fresh linen which I like for a relieving and refreshing experience, whereas yours may be lavender in your diffuser for a calmer, more relaxing approach.

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Give up the electronics

There are multiple things you can do. You can put your phone on airplane mode, you can turn off notifications, or turn down all the volume, or you can simply turn it off or leave it in the kitchen all together!

Put together your own self care “night time basket”

Your night will be all the more anticipated and approachable when you have a cute, appealing container or basket holding the things you like to end your day with the most. Have it on your nightstand ready to go for those much needed self-pampering nights!

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Always make sure your sheets are fresh

I, personally, think the ultimate feeling of bliss upon approaching a nice moment of rest comes down to how fresh and clean my sheets feel and smell! Crawling into washed sheets is so AMAZING!!

Clean your face

Speaking of being clean and crawling into a fresh, clean bed, it’d be pretty uncomfortable to do so with sweat, dust, oil or makeup all over your face, no? Wash up and tone. Skincare is a must!

Comfy clothes

Ah yes! I open my drawer, pull out some snug, soft clothing and it’s funny but i’ll draw them to my nose and take in the amazing scent of my fabric softener! Getting ready for bed like this is just so, super refreshing. Snug is what I like, but you might go the extra mile and wear real and breathable pajamas.


Books I recommend to your collection include a Bible, a prayer book, something fiction, something inspiring, an educational book and a personal growth book.


Any kind of good old fashioned pen and paper writing has it’s amazing, stress-relieving benefits. But my personal favorite is gratitude journaling! A person that is grateful is a person that is blessed because a grateful heart naturally attracts goodness and blessings to one’s life. The ultimate reason that I practice this approach, though, is because it significantly increases my levels of joy and contentment long term!

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Self care

While everything listed on here falls under this category, it is also nice to anticipate at least one, out of the ordinary, self pampering activity. It may be a hot bath, a self-made pedicure, a face mask, you name it! Pick different options for every night and keep it spontaneous!

Work on something you love

If there is a particular hobby you love or any type of soothing activity that distracts you and eases your mind, this is probably one of the most perfect moments to invest in it. Do whatever that is that makes you happy and brings you peace, especially that thing that’s impossible when the kiddos are around.


A day ending in prayer is imperative to ending one’s day with a sense of peace. Prayer results in strength, heart health, better attitude, increases hope and relieves stress, among so many more scientifically proven benefits!

Connect with him

The end of the day is also a time to connect with the loved ones you live with. Just as important it is to love on your babies before tucking them in, it is necessary that you invest quality time in your husband and take the last few alone time moments of the day to nurture your relationaship.

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Final Thoughts

I feel like I only repeatedly ever cross posts that tell you how to be “productive” and what to do for a “day of success“, etc. And while I’m all for it, I like to tell Moms a little something I seem to often forget: It is ok to take a step back and take a break!

It is necessary to take moments of rest and not be pressured to have it all together in order to be able to embrace a sense of accomplishment!

There are days, for example, that after 6pm I call my day done. This means no taking care of business on the computer, no checking the mail, no worrying about that last load of laundry I didn’t get to fold, etc.

Ultimately, whatever you make part of your evening routine (like prepping for a productive morning/successful day if that’s what you do), do include a minimum of 30 minutes of down time right before you drift off to dream land!πŸ€—

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