15 Ways to Set Up a Christmas Atmoshphere This Season

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Did you recall the very first time you got pregnant? How you felt and what you proceeded to do upon finding out?

Remember when that nesting kicked in and you happily went all out in prep for your little one and made sure he/she would have the ultimate accommodations??

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When Christmas approaches and we anticipate receiving baby Jesus, it is the ideal time to set the tone for a warm, peaceful and Christmas spirit-filled atmosphere in our home that inspires hope, peace, joy, faithfulness, love and goodness that would make our Savior very welcome upon his entrance into our heart and home once more.

In this post I provide with 15 ways to do just that. This list will give you factors and warm touches to create in your home a Peaceful Environment This Christmas!

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1-Clean and declutter

First you want to set the tone in your home to eliminate any sense of overwhelm

2-Light up Christmas or Winter Fragranced Candles

Candles look so pretty as it is, but a seasonal smell to go with it is perfect for enhancing that Christmas feel all around the home!

3-Decorate Your Dining Table

The one place that is sure to gather the family. Show it off in a way that inspires family unity; for that is what it represents

4-Carry out family-friendly activities

This can be crafts, games, family traditions, charitable acts, you name it!

5-Decorate Your Mantle

Yes! Bring out those stockings, garlands and fairy lights and enhance that welcome feel in your main space.

6-Decorate a Real Tree

What can be more pleasing than bringing in the nature to your home? Especially during a time designed to celebrate life!

7-Play Christ-Inspired Christmas Songs

There is something about music as it is, that has the power to bring joy, pleasure and many emotions. Listening to Christmas music never fails in triggering a happy spirit!

8-Display a Christmas Prayer

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9-Display a Nativity Set

What other ultimate way to remember Jesus birth than with a visual such as this to contemplate?

10-Display and use seasonal bath and body products

They look pretty, are highly appealing and inspire the desire to self-care!

11-Seasonal throw pillows with Christmas-inspired words

These are one of my favorite ways to add that warm, inviting touch in the home🙂

12-Add fairy lights to other areas in your home

Pretty lights trigger senses of joy, pleasure, peace, and warmth. They are perfect for your dining table, mantle or bedroom.

13-Make decorations with your kids to display in their room

‘Tis the season to ultimately engage as a family, right? Celebrate with fun in the process by making pretty things the kiddos can proudly display in their own little properties!

14-Have an advent calendar

You can actually even make one as a family! The most exciting part of all, I think, is the countdown😉

15-Add your personal touches

It is never inappropriate to break the rules and be creative in a way only you know. It’s what makes your space uniquely yours!

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Final Thoughts

If I asked you to look back to your childhood and elaborate your happiest memories during the holiday season what would that be?

Are you currently engaging your children in that now? What is it you want them to remember 20 years from now?

Now is the time to carry out those traditions of your memories as well as creating some of your own for your very own family.

What other ways do you prepare your home this season? Let me know in the comments and i’ll add them to this post!

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