20 At-Home Date Night Ideas For Toddler Parents Who Have No Babysitter

at home date night ideas

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My 2 under 2 are sound asleep in the backseat of our Toyota Camry, so there we are, my husband and I, taking our sweetest time staying parked in the Save Mart parking lot while we have some peace and quiet.

What’s the matter babe, are you ok?” my husband always asks at the slightest hint of me in daydream mode.

-“Yeah”, I reply (as I usually do if I actually do have something on my mind).

Are you sure?” he insists without fail.

-“It’s just…I’ve been thinking…” I said.

I proceeded to point out repercussions I have been noticing in myself because of the lack of quality one on one time between one another. These factors included:






-Consumed by the SAHM routine

-Disappointment and anger that we have no one

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My husband and I have literally NO support system where we live and going out on a “real” date outside of the home, for us, would be the ultimate luxury!

He listened to me and our conversation concluded with the realization that there was something we just had to do in order to have quality time for just the 2 of us, even if that meant doing it from home.

At this point we had, clearly, missed out on so much just because we have no baby sitter. It did not have to be this way, and I was tired of it.

Following is a list of ideas that I have found to be realistic approaches to spending quality time with your spouse, when doing it at home is the only option you feel you have.

These are date NIGHT ideas so they were created with sleeping kiddos in mind, meaning ideally you would carry these out after their bedtime. (Tuck them in a little extra early one in a while)

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20 at home date night ideas

Have a collection of board games to have a game night

Turn your bedroom into a room that resembles a hotel ambience

Order take out and have a romantic, candlelight setup in your own dining room

DIY wine tasting

Living room picnic

Chocolate tasting

Watch a sports game and have stadium-inspired snacks

Make donuts together

Ice-cream in bed

Ask each other questions

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Funny YouTube videos marathon

Spa night/Bubble bath

Listen to throwback albums

Eat dinner outback

Make your own drinks to sip out on the patio


Have a Red Box movie night

Take a trip down memory lane with old photos or home videos

Create a fort in the living room, add fairy lights and have a “campout

Do a puzzle together

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Final Thoughts

That one time I talked to my husband about our desperate need to start pursuing more alone time and nurture our marriage, we both agreed on putting in more effort. However, it was one thing to plan it and another to actually carry it out. First, because we lacked discipline in actually planning something and second because even if I wanted to, I couldn’t think of anything appealing or creative right of the bat!

For this reason, I created this list in downloadable form in order to have something handy to go off of. Now we can literally draw one out, put it on the calendar ahead of time and not fail it!

Chances are if you read this and think you’ll remember these ideas, you’ll end up like me doing nothing lol. You’ll end up googling something real quick and not be able to decide on something in the spur of the moment (since that’s usually how it works when your lives revolve around little humans now.)

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20 at home date ideas

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