20 Non Toy Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

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What happened to the babies’ room? It looks kinda empty!”

My god-daughter who close enough to my family to tell people she’s our daughter is always highly aware of anything I change in the house.

My kids’ room had been a disaster-a legit full blown DISASTER for weeks!! Being in my first trimester, I just hadn’t brought myself around to take care of it. So one day, while my god-daughter was here, she cleaned it. The very next day I became so motivated by how clean it looked, that I suddenly went on ‘nesting mode’ and did a full blown declutter of their toys, clothes and closet!

Two full, large garbage bags of unused or messy prone junk and old stuff were loaded in my Suburban that day, which is why the next time my god-daughter visited, she noticed the change and I said it was thanks to her!

Since then, cleaning the room of 2 under 2 has been a breeze and sanity saver! (and believe me, they still have plenty stuff to pull out and play with)

I don’t know about you but when birthdays and holidays come around, I kind of dread the idea of my kids repeatedly receiving toys. Especially when it comes from grandma, because well…who doesn’t feel guilty enough to just not get rid of it right?

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But when it’s up to you to decide what you give your kiddos or to do a fellow Momma the favor of not giving her kids more junk of toys, here is a list of 20 non toy Christmas gifts for toddlers that are, in fact, even more appealing and useful on the long run!

When deciding what you give your kiddos this holiday, this list of 20 Non Toy Christmas Gifts for toddlers is a must read if you're tired of the junk!

1-Growth chart

2-Art kit


4-Toddler dishes


5-Piggy bank

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6-Musical instruments

7-Tickets to a fun place or passes to an amusement park

8-Dress up clothes

9-A fun or fancy blanket

10-A new pet


12-Toddler chair


14-Table and chairs


16-Play tent

17-Play dough

18-Fashionable winter apparel


20-Photo album focused on memories of your child

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, only you know your child very well. You, the most, know what they need, what they like, where they always want to go, what they repeatedly ask for, etc.

My daughter for example, has been obsessed with playing wedding since showing her my wedding video. She will put on a white sheet and make me or my husband sing “Unchained Melody” while she dances with her brother, so I plan on surprising her with a toddler size, dress up wedding gown with veil and all! Or like she’ll tell me every day she wants to draw/color so for her b-day last week she got art supplies and a small new backpack.

Now, this post is NOT over.

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