How to Save Money: 20 Things to Make Instead of Buy

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Omg I just have to vent here a little bit. Can you believe I am currently on my tablet typing this in the bathroom while my kids are screaming and fighting in the kitchen?

I was literally just sitting with them at the kitchen table working on this while they peacefully played house. They could have kept playing so nicely while I took care of needs but NNOOO, as soon as Mama has to go potty, (I’m not the only Mom who uses that word for herself, right?) all hell has to unleash!

You know, this was just reminding me of the time there were no kids in the house. I was pregnant with my first and had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted upon leaving my career to prepare being a SAHM. One of the first approaches I pursued was learning how to save money, to live comfortably on one income.

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The first topic that always seemed to come up in regards to how to save money was telling me all the things I can actually go without buying, and still live😄. I learned where to cut expenses and I watched tutorials on how to make things I can DIY from home.

Saving money is the best part of making things instead of buying, but you know what makes it all that much better? The fun you get to have in the process!

Do you want to save money and have fun in the process? Stick with this post and find out 20 Things you can save money on and make yourself. PS. You can even involve your kiddos in on some of these😉 or eventually create your own little business!

20 things to make insteadnof buy

Face masks


Bath salts


Laundry detergent

LatinaWifeandMomLife’s DIY Detergent Tutorial

Fabric softener

LatinaWifeandMomLife’s fresh smelling DIY facric softener

Face toner


House cleaners


Face cream


Unpaper towels






Body scrub




Bath bombs


Bug spray


Lip balm


Reusable dryer sheets




Hand soap


Disinfectant spray


Air freshener


Final Thoughts

Ultimately, when it comes to making things on your own, the various and multiple possibilities are endless! The fun, the money saving, the creativity, and even some money-making!

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