25 Signs Moms Needs a Break: Are You Ignoring Any of These?

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It’s 3:30 am, a Friday by the way. My husband’s alarm goes off and as the usual, I have to legit peel the blanket off me, invest every last ounce of my effort to pull my body up, get off the bed and slowly wobble my way into my bright lit kitchen with my eyes more closed than open.

Dragging my “chanclas” the whole time, I pack his breakfast and lunch as usual. But then after, I get to cuddle back into my nice warm bed.


In fact, every morning after making his lunch and breakfast, I stay up and work on all things blog related until the kids wake up.

And then I am expected to, you know…function all day. Like normal.

Well on this particular day I made a choice. I was going to sleep in today. I NEEDED to sleep in today!

The past 3 days in particular I have suffered headaches and not gone to bed early enough all week. And because I have still been staying up in the morning, well by 10am I am just so out of it. I’m tired, irritable and needing to drop dead on the couch while the toddlers play. I just can not function during the day like this! So, that’s it! Today, I get to sleep in.

You see, last Sunday I typed up a significant amount of content on my husband’s phone in prep for Monday’s post. So I have not worried about it all week and thought i’d just take care of it this weekend.

You see where this is going?

When I checked this morning before he left, MY WORK HAD NOT BEEN SAVED!! 😭

So, guess what? Duh! It’s currently 4am and I am just puttin’ this post together now.

I knew I needed a break today and was finally going to take a good sleep. And who knows, at this point I might just stop around 6 and doze off ‘till 8.

But that’s me today. What about you? When was the last time that you just went ahead and chilled, letting everything else go? What was it that reminded you it was time to back off a while?

Whether you’re yelling at the kiddos, running a red light or getting into someone else’s car outside Target, this post will go over signs for you to pay attention to, that will inevitably remind you that YOU👏 NEED👏 A👏 BREAK!👏

If you have come as far as having to ask yourself when you need a break, chances are you need t now! Are you ignoring any of these Signs Mom Needs a Break?

1-You’re looking for the phone that’s in your pocket or the glasses that are on your head.

2-You’re husband asks you what’s wrong with you today

3-You forgot your kid somewhere (it happens)

4-You repeatedly forget to pack diapers on your way out

5-Your husband asks you why you’re “driving like that”

6-You’re kids look confused upon being disciplined in an unusual way

7-You left the house with the wrong shoes

8-Forgot to take that curling tube out of your hair before entering church (i’ve seen it happen)

9-You forget your phone, wallet or purse somewhere

10-You totally forgot that get together you planned with your friend

11-You suddenly zone out in the middle of a conversation with someone

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12-You forget an appointment or meeting

13-Your mind blanks out upon being asked your age, or children’s birthdays, etc.

14-You legit forget to eat lunch

15-You’re repeatedly snapping at your spouse or kids

16-You can’t recall the last date you had with your spouse

17-You can’t recall the last time you hung out with someone WITHOUT hauling the kids with you

18-It takes you a while before you can figure out what day it is

19-You attempted opening the wrong car in the parking lot

20-You literally have to think back when your husband asks you when was the last time you showered

21-You have nursery rhymes playing nonstop in your head

22-It’s been a while since Daddy took a weekend off

23-Decision making, behaviour, discipline, attitude, etc is now impulsive.

24-You are placing the milk in the cupboards

25-You are putting away the empty cereal box vs trashing it.

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(Sigh…) It is now 1pm and I just got back to this now that my toddlers are napping. I did end up dozing off by 5:30 this morning.

Ah, everything I can do in the name of peace and quiet😊

If you are reading this now, you are clearly questioning whether you need a break, So if you actually have to come to that, then chances are you NEED a break!

If you haven’t yet, check out my list on 30 Way to Pamper Yourself so that you can get that much needed break even when you are short on time!

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