FALL Self Care Ideas | 30+ Ways to Pamper Yourself This Season

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Have you ever acknowledged the fact that as nature winds down this time of the year, the opposite always happens with us?

If you’re a Mom you might just be recovering from the hectic back to school season only to realize it’s already time to start planning for the holidays!

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More than ever, it is now times like these that it is imperative we prioritize making time to connect with, and nurture our selves through self care.

In this post I will share fall self care ideas that I hope inspire you and get you excited to try out these new seasonal themed ways to pamper yourself and just make your heart feel so happy and cozy!

As nature winds down, the stressful season is on it's way. Now more than ever self care is impeimperative, so can't miss these cozy fall self-care ideas!

1-Make and indulge in some fall sugar scrub


2-Foot soak and apply thick moisturizer followed by putting on some fuzzy socks


3-Exfoliate face 

4-Burn crackling fall scented candles

5-Walk and enjoy the crisp air

6-Thrift shop for new seasonal apparel

7-Declutter your closet

8-Decorate your home

9-Clean your whole car inside out and add a fall fragrance in it

10-Add fairy lights to your room

11-Diffuse warm scented essential oils

12-Bring in real flowers or plants to feel the sense of nature in your home

13-Take a scenic drive

14-Get a fall inspired manicure

15-Buy you a cute fall mug

16-Have soothing warm tea

17-Prepare a fall scent stovetop potpourri


18-Bake some seasonal goodies


19-Try a new hot soup recipe


20-Make a fall crockpot recipe


21-Create a seasonal vegetable recipe


22-Apply a fall make-up look

23-Learn and create new fall inspired crafts or diys


24-Begin daily affirmations

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25-Work on a beautiful fall puzzle (they are SO pretty!)

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26-Get a fall coloring book to relax yourself

27-Have a hot drink date with your hubby

28-Watch hallmark movies

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29-Take vitamins to stay healthy during this weather change

30-Cuddle with your fuzzy pets

31-Take a hot bubble bath with fall themed/scented bath and body supplies

32-Appreciate, meditate and pray

Final Thoughts

I certainly hope you’re not looking at these thinking: “pff, if I only I had the time in the world to do this! What Mom has time for this?”

Believe me, self care is not a luxury only people “with time” get to have. Mom or not, everyone has their own bees wax that they have to take care of and that doesn’t mean we can’t invest even 10 minutes at a time at something we find pleasure in.

If you find time to spend more than 10 minutes in one day on social media, then making time for self care is a totally realistic discipline you can carry out just as much!

Give it a try! Even if it means waking up a little earlier. You will feel so good and it will set the tone for your whole day and make it run a whole lot smoother!

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