6 Spring/Summer Accessories That Elevate A Look!

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I came across a YT video of a Woman in her 50s. One can say that she has a less than ideal figure, if one were to address it terms of today’s unrealistic societal standards. Let me just say that I, as a young stay-at-home Mom who is neither single, nor 50, nor shares her body type, was so attracted to the magnitude of confidence she radiates and how literally beautiful it made her. I subscribed at the first video I watched of her where she shared multiple ways to elevate an outfit and was blown away by the difference the most apparently insignificant pieces made!

Inspired by her, it became a topic of interest that paved the path for a new journey of mine to almost effortlessly elevate my look, my outfit or a particular style. Last week I shared a post on factors to achieve a good look that doesn’t involve, make-up, high heels or fake nails.

It’s only been a while since I started acknowledging and experiencing different ways to style a simple look, so while I consider my self nowhere near being a fashion guru, I have, in the process, been inspired by how creative one can be in accordance with the season. So in this post, we are going to specifically discuss the Spring and Summer inspired ways to level up a look!

Sun Hats

No matter what you wear, this will be a piece that adds an overall classy look on you, and it’s one piece of beauty that will not make being beautiful a pain!


I totally wish I could wear these, but they don’t make glamorous sunglasses for people like me, who must wear eyeglasses 24/7. If they do, let me know. On the other hand, if you have the luxury and comfort of being able to relax your eyes and style your look in the process, go for it!!

Cute Footwear

You can almost wear whatever you want, if your entire look is going to be impacted by your shoes or sandals. Whether you like to go with patterns, sparkles, nudes or bright colors, you will for sure catch eyes! Note: My footwear is where I get most compliments from people 😉

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Hand bag

So far, this list address things that are actually a seasonal convenience and not just some random piece of wear that is going to make you uncomfortable in order to look nice. The hand bag is no exception. You probably already have to carry a bag wherever you go, so it might as well be one you are proud to take out.

Seasonal-Inspired Jewelry

It’s that time of year when you can bring out those bright, bold colors or even just pieces that resemble factors associated with the sun, with water, flowers or the beach.

Seasonal Manicure

As per usual, one day, my sisters dropped in for visit to my house and walked in the kitchen wear I was in front of the stove, cooking and dressed in literally something I can sleep in. Something was different though and it immediately caught their eye that my nails were done and complimented on my “look” and how pretty my hands were. Yep, lol that’s how they put it!

Bonus Accessory!

So my daughter, by divine intervention, is cleaning and decluttering her closet. She happened to see my authentic Mexican artisan hand bag I was gifted that came from my husband’s hometown, that I saved in there to bring out on special trips or occasions. It’s very bright and colorful beauty inspired me to suggest showcasing something of your culture that will add an authentic touch that is very unique to you! I don’t know your culture, but I am familiar with the fact that a lot of cultural artifacts have interesting colors and/or patterns that can definitely go hand in hand with sunny seasons.

Final Thoughts

The other day, my humorous sister made fun of my repetitive errands to Target while talking to my husband and saying he must really make bank to support my habits LOL! I do not however go on shopping sprees there, haha, she just catches me there (via phone call) every time I am purchasing a gift for a special occasion.

When I am there, I marvel at all the cute seasonal apparel they bring out. However, I remember how much I have been able to really level up my look just from shopping my closet, a few accessories to mix & match and thrift stores.

The idea here, per the list on my post, is not for you to feel that you need pay so much money on whole outfits, in order to achieve trendy looks. In reality, you will look extra amazing by not wearing what many Women already are, but by appealing to others with the most creative touches that will compliment YOU!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did, please pin to your favorite seasonal or fashion board!

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