7 Things I Am Permanently Saving Money On Since The COVID-19

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How many times in life has hitting rock bottom forced you to change something in your life?

When you’re under so much negative weight, it is dificult to see and acknowledge the good that is coming out of that particular situation. In fact, the last thing we fail to accept is the very fact that something good does come of it at all! It never fails.

I’ve been so blessed during this stage, that I’ve considered sharing a post dedicated only to sharing all the positive things in my life and family that I fully attribute to what happened these past couple months. One of those things has been the way we manage our finances and how careful we are with the resources that we have. But today we are just going to talk about that. I am going to list everything I realized I can make my own or live without!

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Baby wipes

The lack of baby wipes in literally every store I searched was rediculous! In fact, this was so obvious, it makes me think it could have been 1-the first thing every mom went out and purchased, and 2-the first baby item all the rest of the moms noticed were out! So I started DIYing my way to my baby’s bottom!

Kids paint

For me, personally, this is not a time a want to be placing orders online. So when I went to Target and saw the arts and crafts aisle almost empty, I new it was time I get creative myself. I happen to come across Pinterest recipes and I ended up having much for fun learning how to make this!


This is clearly under the “I guess I can live without” category. Now whether this is in the “permanent, never-buying-again category”, that I can’t say to be honestπŸ˜„

Household cleaners

Making my own cleaners has been a win on multiple levels! I save money (long term), I keep my crawler healthy (since no chemicals are used), I have fun and I scent my home anyway I please by blending oils according to my personal preference and mood! (🌸See below for more fresh scent ideas in the home!🌸)

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Fabric softener

I have always LOVED using fabric softener because the smell of fresh, clean laundry fascinates me to no end! But suddenly it didn’t bother me one bit to once again make and use my my own!

Junk food and juices

We’ve never been soda drinkers as it is, but I’ve decided to replace the juice with more water drinking and the impulsive snack buying with some fresh fruit!

Energy used in the home

It may not seem like a whole lot, but there is a difference when you make small changes in the home such as doing the laundry with cold water, unplugging unused items, not using your faucets warm water, leaving your AC at a certain temperature just fresh enough for the house not to be to cold or too hot, shortening your shower time, etc.

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Final Thoughts

Hitting rock bottom will always have a massive impact on one. Whether that becomes a negative or a positive impact, will depend on us and what we make of it.

This stage gave me an opportunity to grow. It increased my awareness of my blessings, my habits, my spirituality, etc.

Every household is different, but I genuinely hope this post gave you some insight on the possibilities applicable to you and that it expands your perspective on the way you use the resources you are blessed to have!πŸ™‚

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