A Wife of Noble Character-20 Ways to be a Gracious Wife

A wife of noble character

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Do you remember that one time in your life that you were actually a perfect mother? You know, those good ol’ days before your kiddos were even born?

Likewise, I used be the most graceful wife ever! Yep. I had it all figured out as soon as I started liking boys.

You see, in my teenage years my Father and his wife carried out a ministry designed to prepare couples for marriage as well as hold marriage retreats for already married couples. So yeah, I totally knew everything in ‘the book’ and was so totally gonna slay the married life and be such a lovely woman for my man is every way.

Let me tell you something, not that I haven’t pursued grace and virtue as a wife, but even then, marriage is not always chocolates and roses. Not always.

This is one of the reasons I invite you in this post, to learn what traits define a wife of noble character, so that your marriage can get through in life with a little more sparkle from beautiful you and enhance all the pretty things that your husband already values in you!

What factors define a graceful wife? Do you want to pursue virtues as a Godly woman? Don't miss these 20 way on how you can be a wife of noble character!

She is disciplined regarding financial matters

She doesn’t nag him about money or argue about it. If they’re “tight” she doesn’t call it a financial dificulty, she acknowledges that it may be a lack of financial discipline and how she manages what he provides. She takes modest measures in her investments.

She is educated and intelligent

She is a smart woman and conduces herself in the best interest of her husband and doesn’t use her powers against him or to get her way, nor to make him feel inferior. She always knows what is going on around her and pays attention to everything and asks questions as well.

She has control over her emotions

If I wasted time just moping over the emotions that do not bring me any progress, that would make me so unattractive! My husband needs a shoulder, not a cry baby.

She’s not clingy

She doesn’t constantly need to cling to her man for her own comfort or happiness. To an extent, she still has a life of her own and knows that her sense of fulfillment can only depend on her. While she is an attentive Wife who prioritizes her marriage, she does so without losing site of her own goals, passions and identity.

She walks in confidence, unconcerned of her physical short comings

She fixes what she can and carries herself with elegance and charm that only a lady can possess. That, my friend, is the sexiest thing ever to a man-A confident wife who values herself!

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She knows what she wants and communicates effectively

Husbands aren’t mind readers. A graceful wife will not just throw out hints and then get mad at her husband for “not caring” or not getting it. She uses her words and is smart about it. She is clear on what she wants to say and doesn’t over-do it

She is a listener

In the same way she knows that what she has to say is important, she values and listens to her husband’s input as well. She actually lets him talk too and doesn’t just do all the talking or interrupting and being rude.

No one gets in the way of her marriage

A graceful wife is a wife of courage who does not stay quiet when others are not minding their own business. Her husband is number 1 and she will have his back no matter who she has to face.

She carries herself with humility

It is the hardest thing ever, but when you know you screwed up, you don’t wait for him to come to you. You acknowledge where you went wrong and approach him with humility about it to apologize without bringing up his own flaws.

She refines herself

She is consistent in retaining her honor and grace by casting out the course, vulgar and ill-manner; therefore conserving only the fine and elegant.

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She isn’t selfish; she compromises

In other words if he wants to visit his family to, y’all don’t have to only visit your Mom’s every single weekend. You have consideration of what HE wants to do and you do it with him!

She has a sense of humor

You don’t always have to take things personally or take offense in everything. If he didn’t straight up disrespect you in a way, no need to get defensive over things.

She lets herself be loved, touched and wanted

Is he “to sticky”? Like, does he always want hugs and kisses to an annoying point? Let him! This type of contact is vital in a marriage and believe me, if you repeatedly push him away, it will eventually stop and you won’t even remember why. You will feel bad that he stops looking for you and you’ll end up asking him what happened. Believe me.

She does not hold grudges

Meaning, we must get over ourselves already and leave the past where it belongs. In the past. We don’t bring it up every time there is an argument or every time we’re approached with something we messed up on. We just let it go. Bye. Done deal.

She is modest

While she dresses to embrace her womanhood, she will make it decent enough to show honor and respect for her husband, therefore giving him his place as such and not flaunting your business elsewhere.

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She is honest

A trustworthy woman who does not keep secrets from her husband nor lies to him. She is intentional and straightforward showing full transparency with her spouse.

She is gentle and not manipulative

She doesn’t exude disrespect, hostility, or aggressiveness to get her way or to get her point across. She is kind and open hearted.

She is diligent and works hard

She does not eat the bread of idleness. She is organized and makes her home hospitable, she cares for her man, and she finds a way to help her husband with a side hustle.

She, as well as her husband have good reputation

She shines by her husband’s side in public and her husband is a reflection of the way she way she treats him.

She embraces her womanhood

She let’s, and in fact encourages her husband to conduce himself as the man of the house and doesn’t try to be more than him. She shows acknowledgement and appreciation for the things he does for her.

A woman as noble as this is feared, intimidating and perhaps even unattainable! What can we still learn from The Modern Virtuous Woman?
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Final Thoughts

Don’t think to highly of yourself. I know that sounds contradicting, but get this—>I once saw a meme that went something kind of like this: “Who ever came up with the ‘Man of the House’ nonsense? Shoot, I’m the one who runs this sh*t!”

But you see, if it weren’t for your husband that works hard enough for you to be able to stay home to begin with, you wouldn’t even have the privilege in the first place! So don’t forget who’s the one that makes this possible for you, and be grateful to him!

Gratitude is the ultimate act of grace in a marriage. It is the ultimate game changer in your marriage, vibes and lifestyle. It will better your husband’s attitude and behavior towards you.

Gratitude encourages and entices a Man to treat his Woman like a Queen! 

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!

Followed by a woman’s genuine sense of self confidence, it is gratitude that is the sexiest, most attractive thing to your husband. A wife who acknowledges him, appreciates him and makes him feel like a Man!

What factors define a graceful wife? Do you want to pursue virtues as a Godly woman? Don't miss these 20 ways on how you can be a Wife of Noble haracter!

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