18 Autumn Things: How To Enjoy Fall Season (As a Mom)

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Imagine yourself a fall crisp morning. It’s no later than 5:30am and your toddlers are still sound asleep. You proceed to start your day out so peacefully and all you can hear is the soft, soothing buzz of your heater keeping your home cozy. You turn on a soft lamp, get warm under a fuzzy throw blanket and sip out of a seasonal hot mug while you take some positivity into your life via podcast, video or good book. If you’re in the mood for some extra bliss, you might even light a scented candle in the same room. Now, just take it all in!

Ok stop right there! Tell me what you’re thinking right now.

A-On what planet?
B-And then my 3 year old gets up, jumps on my lap, spills the drink and ruins my book!
C- Well it’s currently 95° here so yeah, hard to imagine.
D-If toddlers are asleep, I’m asleep. If not, there’s chores to catch up on.

Let me tell you something, if you are here, you DO realize that there will always be something else to be doing and you’re always just gonna have to sacrifice one thing over the other. Always. That scene I just described to you is what my mornings sometimes looks like. Keyword: Sometimes! But when it is, it’s heavenly! There is inevitably always something being left undone. And while I’m at it, I don’t give two hoots about any of it!

Fall self care
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Why do I feel like I can talk to you about this?

Because as a Mom of 3 under 3, who’s married to a Man that’s gone from 4am to 6pm, I make it happen. Moments like the one I just described, are achievable if you make up your mind about your priorities and decide YOU are one of ‘em!

As Kristina Kuzmic puts it: “You, are taking care of the most important person in your child’s life!”

If you’re a SAHM, you need moments like this in your life. ANY time is the ideal time to embrace joy, coziness, peace and trying new things, but what better season to savor these factors than in the Fall? Especially when it’s that time of year approaching the holidays and the stress that often comes with it!

What can you do to slow down, find pleasure, and mentally prepare yourself for a happier season? Read on to find out ways you can genuinely (and realistically) embrace this time of year to it’s fullest before it’s gone!

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18 Autumn Things: How to Enjoy Fall

#1-Start your day at least one hour before you know your kids will be up. This may be one of the only times you can do as you please and not be interrupted until they wake up.

#2-Have a coffee with a taste of seasonal blend OR you can drink the best Fall drink ever and have Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend. I can never get over the fragrance every time I drink it! It smells so nice and strong, who needs fall candles?! The best part, it tastes just as good as it smells! Omg it makes the whole kitchen smell!

#3-Read a good book. Hear me out! Moms have repeatedly made fun of me when I suggest things like what I’ve written in this post so far. Is it UNrealistic to have ME time and a clean house and balanced meals AND all the laundry put away, all at once? For me, YES! But is it realistic to put in some time for me to enjoy life and nurture myself while making everything else wait a while? Also yes! I could be completely behind on an entire weekly blog post, an email, bills due, laundry unfolded, you name it! But because I know the impact reading has had on me, I will read at least one chapter, and I still feel great!

#4-Speaking of a good book, maybe reading is not your thing. Whether your thing is books, crafting, sewing, writing, tea time, yoga or whatever, here’s what you can do to make time for it other than waking up earlier or staying up late. Set a budget and get plenty of dollar tree items to provide the kids little by little something new to keep them entertained. This way, you get a little more time to engage in your own little pleasures.

#5-It’s that time of year to start enjoying some comfort foods! Cookies, cupcakes, pie, soup, bread, casseroles, you name it! Bonus if you make them on your own from home!

#6-Nothing says cozy like home made fragrances! Pinterest has so many stove top recipes to make your house smell like fall and nature. Just add some apples, cinnamon, orange peels, vanilla, warm spices and simmer!

Autumn things: how to enjoy fall

#7-Make enough crockpot meals to wear you can eat leftovers multiple times that way you don’t have to cook every single night.

#8-Join a baking challenge this month! I have never baked (like, for reals baked) in my life but got super excited when I saw one of my favorite Youtubers start a challenge on her channel, and I plan on giving it a try! Trying something new can also add to the thrill of the season.

#9-Work on an autumn inspired puzzle! Depending on what you like, pick something out that you can work on either alone, with your kiddos or just you and your husband.

#10-Try out new seasonal drinks and foods! Depending on your budget, this is the time to decide when to buy Fall related delights from the grocery store and when to try something out at your local diner or coffee shop. For example, I involve my kids and let them pick one new Fall related item per week from Trader Joe’s, and then once a week I will have a seasonal drink at a coffee shop and then whenever we go out to eat, I will try seasonal specials that aren’t available year long.

Honey crisp latte
Trying a Honey Crisp Latte for the first time☕

#11-Fall themed movie nights! There is literally nothing I look forward to more than Hallmark movie nights when this time of year approaches. It is my ultimate favorite way to enjoy these months and they always make my nights feel 10 times cozier!

#12-Is it just my impression or is this the time of year when the cutest attire and accessories come out? That’s right my friend, it’s time to pull out those nice boots, cozy turtlenecks and cute hats n’ scarves! I find nothing more fashionable than Fall clothing!

Autumn things

#13-You probably already know this but even when it’s sometimes challenging, it’s one of the most fun and exciting things to do with your kids when you can bake together, cook what they picked out or do a craft together to display in your home as part of your seasonal décor.

#14-What’s your favorite store? Similar to my tip about buying food or drink to try, there are so many other options when it comes to collecting seasonal items. Some examples include candles, attire and accessories, bath and body products, home and car fragrances and much more!

#15-Thrift some sweaters! Thrifting year long is fun and amusing as it is. So when thrift stores start putting out all things for the cool weather, you’ll be sure to find a massive variety of cute, cozy sweaters! That’s the fun about thrifting too, you never know what you’ll find 😉

#16-Take a scenic drive. Once upon a time when I was just 13 years old, my Mom’s boyfriend decided to get us in the car and drive literally to no where. He drove and drove until the tires popped (that was just an expression). We ended un in Nevada, near Lake Tahoe. “Take it all in you guys”, he said, “You may never see anything like this again”. Autumn colors EVERYWHERE!! Like those scenes you only see in paintings or pictures like this one👇 In fact, when searching for one to share here, I did not manage to find anything that resembled even close to what I saw that day. He was right though, I am now 30 years old and have not seen anything like it since!

Autumn pathway

#17-Ok ultimately, what better way to enjoy this time of year than to actually go out, be out and engage outdoors? I take my 3 kids out as much as I can and take in that fall crisp air, listen to the crunchiness under ma boots and watch my kiddos collect leaves. I love the smell, the freshness, the neighborhood view, everything! Go out and enjoy what all you have just outside your door. It’s such a bliss!

#18-One alternative to going out for a walk can be opening some windows in your home and letting all that fresh goodness come to you instead!

Fall self care
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Final Thoughts

In conclusion my friend, it is the simplest things, that bring us that genuine sense of seasonal spirit, especially when it involves the whole family together! However, next time you find yourself in the need to get some down time, refer to these suggestions, do what works for you and your family and lastly, do not feel guilty! Especially if it’s because you can’t have the most elaborate Fall decorations or you feel you can’t cook or bake the fanciest meals. I’m sure your family cares most for the fun you guys can have and the simplicity of a happy, non stressed Mom!☺

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