Babysitter-Free Date Night Ideas | That Don’t Involve the Kids!

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Have you ever gone to a Mom group on Facebook to ask the ladies what they do to date their husbands when they have literally no one to look after the littles?

By the time I celebrated my 4th year of marriage, I came to the realization that my husband and I had not done anything special, alone, since I had my first child 3 years ago. At least that is how I felt. Because literally, we have not gone out of the house alone for a nice date in a long time, since I don’t have anyone to watch my kiddos who are still little.

I wanted so bad this year to do something different (now that my babies aren’t babies anymore) and in fact start making it a part of our routine in our relationship. So I went asking and researching and felt so behind upon coming across such simple and realistic results! I just had to come back and share with you what I found! I am so ready to start implementing these ideas, that I hope will inspire and motivate you to start re-connecting with your spouse as well!

(Edit: I took a break from writing this post because the kids were napping and my husband came home with some TACOS!!😍 We ate in bed, while watching a hallmark movie and my husband stared at me weird as he’s taking a big bite out of his burrito, because I had turned to smile at him as I chewed on my taco. I couldn’t help it! I told him that I was just SO HAPPY at what we were doing and that I legit couldn’t remember the last time we did that! I was so satisfied and contect that whole day😊)

Dessert night

Pulling out a nice homemade dessert sounds so good as it is, doesn’t? Now if you can just put the kids to bed earlier than usual and you get your alone time with hubby and delight in the sweetness and some conversation.

Wine time and chocolate

Whether it’s in the comfort of your bed or the pleasure of chilling on blankets by a fireplace, this is an ideal moment of luxury for the 2 of you.

Candles, music, massage

After the kiddos are put to bed, if your in the mood for (wink wink, nudge nudge), you can get the party started by getting some soothing fragrance going as well as soft music in the background that will set the tone.

Bring up topics of when you were first getting to know each other

This one is super fun, easy and spontaneous! Also, it is very convenient as it’s something that can easily be carried out during the kid’s nap, a car ride, in bed before sleeping, or like after dinner while the babies are entertained elsewhere. The fun part is, that any random comment about one another can this topic going, and it never gets old! I find out new things every time we do it!


Put on a movie for the littles or tuck them in and get you and your hubby a kiddie pool to cuddle outside while gazing at the night sky.

Text/flirt while both in the house

I think one of the most fun things I do with my husband involves us texting each other at home. Like he’ll be in the bathroom and i’ll already be in bed. And there we are, texting each other nonsense while he spends a half hour in the bathroom!

Scenic drive

Oh my favorite!! This is a perfect date to start on a weekend right before the littles’ naptime. Load them in the car to fall right asleep upon starting your journey and now you have no little voices interrupting whatever you and your hubby wanna talk about while you drive and hold hands! Who knows, you may even get to stop at a nice scene and just chill in the back of your SUV and conetemplate it.

Enjoy a fancy take-out

You can always order from your favorite place to eat after the kiddos had some simpke mac n cheese or whatever and put to bed. Fix up your dining table nice, pretty and appealing and enjoy alone time with your Man.

Picnic out back

During the kids naptime you can also enjoy your favorite fast-food take-out and set up a nice picnic spot in your own backyard! I know once I try that, it’s gonna remind me of our Jack in the Box picnic dates at the park from when we were first started dating.

Comedy night in bed

Making some time to just get to laugh together at the end of the day is not only so fun and appealing, it also relieves stress, relaxes you, fosters intimacy and builds your relationship. Such a nice, soothing way to end a long day, or work week!

Recreate your wedding dinner

The dinner we had at our wedding is one that we have only ever had on that night, and no other time have we ever eaten that. One day on an extra special occasion, we will do this and I know it will be very, very special!

Watch your wedding video

This activity is a sweet and emotional one that will just fill up your heart again! It is fun to watch together too, as you get to talk about those days, watch all the funnies and talk about the people in the video!

Background music and chat

Put aside the day to day thoughts and worries to focus only on your partner. Take back your relationship from the stress of work, family friends and daily life events, with conversation starters that will foster laughter, fun, compassion, trust and intimacy as well as remind you why you got together in the first place! ——>See FREE file below!

Final Thoughts

These date ideas are designed to nurture and build your relationship as well as fill you up again as a person. Time alone with one’s spouse provides such a great sense of satisfaction! But it only works if the time invested on this isn’t carried out with conversations about work, kids, bills, family gossip, etc. You must have conversations that actually relieve you from those things for a while and fill your marriage at the same time!

Do you repeatedly get stuck on what to talk about, though, that doesn’t involve topics you don’t need to be addressing when you’re supposed to be enjoying alone time with the Mr?

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