5 Thrillingly Fun Ways to Teach Your Culture to Your Children

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What do you value about your family’s history, your faith and your culture?

What is it you want to pass on to your own children?

What do you want them to remember by the time they have children on their own?

Do you want your children to grow up with a sense of family belonging, and cultural identity, as well as value and pride in their culture, their faith and their heritage.

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If you want to gift them something valuable to embrace as their own, but just aren’t sure how to approach teaching your children your own cultural values, read the following FIVE fun and easy strategies to engage your child from a young age and tips on how to pass your family’s cultural values to your own children!

If, like me, you want your children to grow up with a sense of family belonging, and a sense of cultural identity, read these 5 ways to engage them now! 5 Ways to Teach your Culture to Your Children.


Recipes and Food

A perfect learning opportunity and fun way to engage is by working on a recipe together. There are multiple dishes associated with your own country and while you interact in the kitchen you can tell traditional stories of your family’s cooking when you were a child, or something like that. Or you can visit a restaurant of your choice that make traditional meals from your country.



Whether it’s the library, Amazon or Barne’s and Noble, there are countless educational books out there designed with your children in mind that will help elaborate interesting and valuable information on your country, your culture and/or the massive influence of modern day cultural icon.

My siblings participating in the event that inspired this post: Our Lady of Guadalupe honored by my fellow Mexican Roman Catholics.

Cultural festival/parades

This is the ideal way for your child to engage in learning; through the food, music, dancing, costumes and displays. Towns and cities across the U.S hold events though out the year celebrating a cultural events, such as Cinco de Mayo, for example or like this religious event I mentioned. If your children can even be participants, that would be so cool!


Incorporate traditions

Christmas is approaching as I write this and holidays are always the ultimate way to celebrate your culture and family traditions. If you live in the US, you have likely assimilated new traditions which is awesome, but celebrate your country’s holidays as well, and determine what practices are fit for your own family lifestyle and go from there.

Learn or speak the language

If you are not raising your children in your country of origin, but you speak the language, do this world a favor and teach it to your children! (I just said that in a begging tone) please teach them! I will be straight forward here and say that I get so disappointed when some of my people are just ashamed of their roots and won’t speak spanish, knowing how to! And they won’t teach their children. What a huge loss of opportunity! Parents doing this are taking away from the help and influence they can have others and their children’s own future success. Teach and celebrate with great value what you were taught!


Final Thoughts

If anything, do not hinder your children. Let them see and develop a sense of pride in their roots. There is absolutely nothing wrong or shameful about it. It is not uncool. It is humble and it is generous. So be generous! Send this world your respectul, open minded and humble children. We will thank you and your children will be grateful.😉👌

I would love to hear about your own cultural traditions! If there are practices that pertain to your family in particular, please share in the comments!

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