Must-Try 3 Ingredient Tropical Ice Pops DIY!

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I have a genuine curiosity here.

Is there, legit, anything more fun for a toddler than making something with their Momma?!

As it is, they love sucking on things, they love sweets and making things fascinates them. Especially if they get to eat ’em!

This summer I tried a new 3 ingredient DIY recipe for some Ring Jewel Shaped Ice Pops. It was simple, quick and not so messy. It is very convenient for the help of little hands!

What I used:

Jewel Shaped Ice Pop Popsicle Molds

Baby food processor

Minute Maid Tropical Fruit Punch

Pineapple tidbits

Frozen mango

Frozen strawberries

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Don't miss these 3 ingredient DIY Ice Pop recipe that's simple, quick and not so messy. It is very convenient for the help of little hands!


*For our first batch, I simply placed equal amounts of pineapple and mango into the baby food processor.

(Toddler can help with that)

*Momma added Minute Maid for a more sweet flavor, and then blended it.

(Toddler helped with the blending. Easy peasy)



*In our second batch, we repeated the steps in the previous one and added equal parts of strawberry and pineapple.

*Then blending after adding the juice. 

Because the fruit we used in this was already frozen, the ice pops all together were ready to have withing a couple hours from freezing!

There will be a a little extra mix left after blending each batch. Just enjoy it like a smoothie with your kiddos!

And last but not least, Enjoy!

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