17 EXTRA CASH Ideas For Stay-at-Home Moms

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If you received a message or email from me saying you have been chosen to receive $100 as a gift from me, how eager would you be?

Would you take it?

I’m sure you would!😉 The fact is, that money can always come in handy. So what do you do when life happens and your wallet is empty as well as your bank account? No matter how careful and disciplined you are with your finances, there will inevitably be times that you will want and can use some immediate extra cash.

There are literally thousands of ways to make fast cash for when you need it ‘now‘ (Ok well, maybe not literally, but you get the idea). So whether you suddenly have an unexpected repair to get done or just want a much need weekend out, I have compiled what I consider the most do-able tasks convenient for moms, so trust me. I’m not going to suggest that you sell bodily fluids or expose your body to be used under medical research! Read on and start realistically making a little extra cash today!

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Extra income ideas for stay at home moms

From the comfort of your own home

Virtual Assistant– Help a business owner such as a blogger. Bloggers making $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000 a month can definitely use someone to take care of things such as email management, marketing, blog administration, graphic design, etc.

Social Media Manager– This one can even go hand in hand with the first one. Manage social media business accounts for administrative and marketing purposes as well as maybe even graphic design.

Website User Testing– There are websites such as User Bob that will pay you up to $10 per 20 minutes spent doing reviews of other people’s blog or website.

Rent Some Space– Do you have a car, a room or a garage that you can rent to someone? If you can do this, let your friends and family members know so that you have a higher probability to end up with a reliable and trustworthy individual.

Good ol’ baby sitting– You already care for 1 or 2 so what’s another child or 2 in your house? Do what you always do where you always do and make some cash in the process.

Sell your stuff

Collect and resell items– Take advantage of huge discounts or products that go on sale! Collect as much as you can and sell at higher price. You can do the same from purchasing at thrift stores.

Sell on Buy, Sell Trade Apps– Whether you use Facebook, Craigslist, Letgo, or Offer Up. Purge unused items from around your home and sell them online.

Refurbish Furniture– If you can be meticulously creative, go on the hunt for old or used, cheap furniture and make them pretty to resell.

God ol’ Yard Sale– If purging your home you end up discovering that you have way more junk than a mom of 2 or 3 should ever have, gather it all and set out your yard sale.

Exploit Your Hobbies– Do you have a particularly creative hand at something you love such as accessories? Show them off on Facebook and Instagram and let the requests start rolling in!

Offer Services

Junk Removal– Believe me, people are requesting this on Facebook BST groups All. The. Time. People want someone to do some dirty work and help them clean up their yards. So if you’re up for that, start looking people up.

Run errands– You’re likely on this blog if you’re a Mom. So if you are, chances are you are already out and about taking care of business, so what’s an extra trip or too!

Be a Coach– Are you into fitness, self empowerment, dieting, or anything like that? Create an Instagram account, show off your journey, what you are overcoming and accomplishing and offer to help others do the exact same!

Become a Caterer– If you have a talent for preparing delicious meals, consider starting by taking orders via Facebook or BST Apps, then continue by catering to small parties until you’re comfortable enough to go big whenever you need the cash.

Moving Service– Do you own a truck or mini trailer? Going out for a ride to move things for people is not a hard thing to do. If you have something like that it doesn’t cost much to put it to use. If the costumer is someone you know or can be trustworthy, you can even just rent the vehicle to them itself.

Cleaning a house or two– There are people who whether or not can do it themselves, would rather higher a person to deep clean their home, I’ve also seen some pretty nasty requests out there but overall, people just need that monthly basis deep cleaning.

House/Pet Sit– I recently went out on a about a one month trip and needed someone to be checking up on the house as well as feeding my pets. Some people don’t have family to do this for them and need to hire help.

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Final Thoughts

Take a sip of motivation and digest the following. If you are a SAHM, and visited this post, I assume you do not earn an income from home. I really, highly encourage you to pursue and learn something fun that can generate even a small income for you. YouTube videos are super fun to watch and trying out new things is so exciting! I know what I am telling you.

I left my teaching career upon having my first child and have since then, invested my time and energy (besides mommying) in implementing ways to help my husband, be a support for our little family, and empower myself as a Woman capable of accomplishing success beyond motherhood and homemaking. Everyday, I strive in becoming the best version of this Woman that I can be and the sense of efforts in doing so is just so uplifting! I have been very delighted to watch my blog gracefully unfolding right before me, into my ultimate and official business. And I love it!

Everything is out there. Look it up! Baking, scrapbooking, cooking, make up, hairstyles, photography, sewing, crafting, you name it! And if you like the ideas I shared with you today, ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ the Latina Wife and Mom Life Facebook page for more, as I have posts coming up for money-making hobbies as well as long-term income generating ideas and eventually much more. Stay tuned!

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Extra income ideas for stay at home moms

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