12 Appealing Fall Gift Basket Ideas You’ll Actually Be Excited To Give!

fall gift basket

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Is it because I have never been given a Fall Gift Basket, or why have gift baskets (in general) never appealed to me?

(Until now)

When I have come across Fall Gift Basket Ideas online, there is repetitive and particular focus on DIYs or Dollar Tree finds. And while I have nothing against either, if it looks like something “everybody” is doing, I tend to steer quite the opposite way.

I like to feel that what I do in life, especially for others, is done in an authentic, unique and genuine approach.

That being said, when compiling this post, I put thought into some of these items as some I myself would be thrilled to receive! Likewise, I’d be extra thrilled to give. Now, I know it’s impossible to always hit the jackpot on every individual and create just the right gift basket that is perfect for him/her.

But one thing is always true: If you are going to give a gift, It might as well be something excitingly worth giving and that you put your own thought into. And most of the time, whatever it is, the receiver of the gift is genuinely appreciative.

So, inspired by my sudden increase in the spirit of giving this season, as well as a non fancy, non pricey, yet very cute Fall Gift Basket giveaway I entered on Instagram (for the first time ever), here are 12 Fall Gift Basket Ideas that will hopefully prompt even more ideas of your own!

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Lip Gloss

In a season when the warmth is gone and lips tend to resent the shift to cool mornings and crisp air, having something to protect those lips and make them extra beautiful in the process is a win win!

Hand Sanitizer

There’s never been a better time to stay extra healthy than in this year and especially amidst a change in the whether. Adding a cute or sanitizer in a gift can make the the sanitizing fun and appealing vs a tedious routine.

Fall Edition Mug or Thermal

Having a warm drink is highly satisfying as it is. With such a variety of choices between coffee, tea, chocolate, hot punch, etc; might as well indulge in extra enjoyment of such by taking it in a cute seasonal cup!

Harvest Herbal Tea

It is so nice, cozy and comforting to receive such a simple, yet pleasing gesture such as this. I received a mini fall edition bundle as a birthday gift this month and my Orange Spice Tea was one of the first things I took my time to enjoy.


Ideally, seasonal sweets such as Lindor Harvest Assorted Chocolate, for example.

Fall Scented Candle

Tip: When gifting anything scented, it is best to go with something that smells natural vs scents that are strong or blended. Vanilla, for example, seems to work well with a lot of people.

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Lotion/Body Cream

As per my previous advice, steer clear from floral, strong or blended scents and aim for something as natural as possible.

Fuzzy Socks

If it were just because they made a gift basket look even more cute and appealing, that would be cool in itself but since it also makes the perfect addition to to cozy comforts, add ’em in there!

Small Fall Edition Coloring Book/Puzzle

You get the point by now. You get the idea that Fall is a time for comfort and part of acquiring comfort involves engaging in soothing activities such as coloring or puzzles. Like for me, I know I would totally love to wind down with a beautiful, out-of-this-real-world puzzle!

Feminine Accessories

This doesn’t necessarily have to be Fall inspired. But because receiving a beautiful piece of adornment to put on would really strike it rich!! Think nails, hair, belts, scarves or jewelry, to name a few. It doesn’t have to be pricey. Drug stores have some of the most gorgeous accessories for very decent prices!

Fall Trinkets

It may be my obsession with trinkets in general but this, for me, would be the ultimate enhancement of the gift as a whole. It is a perfect (and very cute) way to finish off the appeal of this Fall-inspired gift!

Touch it up with a card

Add in your own hand written message into a seasonal greeting card. If you have extra to give and feel like going an extra mile, go ahead and put in a gift card to their favorite fast food!

Final Touches

If you liked this post, chances are you will love my post on 30 Ways To Pamper Yourself This Fall Season. I point it out because upon looking through it, it might inspire even more seasonal edition gift ideas!

In fact, I say this because it’d be awesome if you compliment your gift basket with a tangible Fall Self Care printout that is included! I’ll add the FREE printable here!

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