A Real Answer To The Mom Who Feels Inadequate and Unqualified

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In October of of 2019 I found a Youtuber I subscribed to upon the very first video of hers I ever came across.

She shares the most blissful lifestyle I have ever seen! The neighborhood she lives in legitimately looks like a fairytale. Also, she takes walks to her local library, the coffee shop and to the lake. She also literally looks like a princess! She shares her tidy and cozy home. She enjoys good books, vintage trinkets, thrifting and baking goodies!

She always looks happy and up ’till now has always been able to enjoy painting, sewing, reading and hot coffee whenever she wants as well as brunch dates with hubby and coffee dates with her friends and hosting guests at her perfect, inviting home.

Often upon watching her videos, I couldn’t help but repeatedly think to myself:

“I can’t wait until this girl becomes a Mom so I can watch her keep up with such enchanting lifestyle!”

Sooner than later that day came and I have never clicked faster than when I saw a photo of her and her child with the title: “How It’s Going vs How It Started”

Long story short, she wanted advice on the overwhelming feelings of inadequacy she is having as a new Mom. She was not prepared for the mental struggles of feeling unqualified, not doing it right and not doing enough.

I wanted to reach into my screen and tell her what, to me, is obvious now.

That Motherhood IS what changes you!

If she feels that way, and I’ve felt that way, chances are so have you; and not just as a new Mom but as a Mother in general. And while I can’t make sure she gets what I have to say, I wanted to share my message with you right here!

I came into my marriage carrying a lot of pain from my past and it did not make me the ideal Woman; let alone a good Wife to the Man I love.

But when I went from a childless life to having little ones completely depend on me, I had no choice but to develop virtues I never even knew I lacked!

–Becoming a Mother forced me to reach magnitudes of growth and potential that I otherwise would have never accomplished.

–It made me get my overall act together as a person.

–Having children changed the way I react to situations.

–Personal factors such as self-centeredness and arrogance started transitioning to humility, gentleness, self-control.

–Becoming a parent has, surprisingly, even made me start making my own needs important (In the midst of mental/emotional challenges, you just don’t think about the bad habits you’ve built and the important ones you lack!)

My babies changed me so much emotionally and mentally that eventually it even made an impact on the way I treat my own body! See for example (some with before and after photos):

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Do you see now, my friend?

It is the very fact itself that you are a Mother takes it upon herself to inevitably turn you into the parent that your particular child needs!

It’s your life’s experiences as a parent in and of itself that qualifies you along the way!

More than that, it changes your entire being as a person! A mature, selfless Woman who at the same time, acknowledges her importance as an individual.

Your child was given to YOU! There is a reason for that. Only YOU are adequate to nurture your child’s needs. You can do it; you already are! No one will do it better than you and that is enough. You are enough!

Have a Blessed and fulfilling week!

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