10 Realistic First Trimester Survival Tips (With 2 Under 2)

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We’ll start with that, assuming you are clearly here because you recently found out a bundle of joy is on it’s way to you. But OMG don’t the symptoms feel anything, but?!

I am currently going through the craziest most unstable pregnancy roller coaster and I don’t know if I should attribute that to the fact it was unplanned and totally unexpected. My emotions, sickness, energy level, and mood are all over the place, so I have decided to share with you helpful tips since starting this journey for the 3rd time, while raising 2 under 2.

You need First Trimester Survival Tips even when you have no kids, but if you have them and need real solutions to overcome this period, then you will want to hear my first trimester survival tips while raising 2 other babies, don't miss it!

Accept and agree to just let some things go

I posted in the Mom group recently whether what I was feeling and doing was valid (serving my kids offhand meals, watching t.v. and just laying on the couch for ridiculous periods of time), OR whether I really was just being straight up lazy. Every last comment I got back said it was normal and in fact encouraged me to just take it easy on myself. Growing babies is a kick in the butt, so keep calm and chill.

Sleep! Everything and everyone will still be there when you wake up!

This goes hand in hand with the first. Raising toddlers is a headache as it is sometimes and those first few weeks I was beyond exhausted! But believe me, when I tell you it’s possible to doze off when you’ve got kids, it is super doable. By 9am I would be so out of it, that I would drop dead on the couch while my toddlers entertained each other. They get used to Mommy’s naptime and it impresses me but the don’t bug me or anything, and I literally fall asleep like a cat. Try a consistent time daily (for your kids sake) for you to rest, and regardless of how much chance they give you, believe me, even a short cat nap goes a long way!

Talk to your doctor! Vitamins, Tylenol, remedies, etc.

You will have symptoms that will be making you wonder what you can have, what you can’t, what will help, what will do more harm than good, etc. I can’t tell you how much I have gone without because no matter I how I feel, I legitimately forgot to ask every time. So take not on that!

Eat what and when morning sickness gives you permission to

Aka just eat whatever you can whenever you can, even if it means eating something special in front of your kids while they’re lunching on something else. Well, as it is I am that Mom that says “This is Mommy’s food, that’s your food”, and I don’t usually share more that a few bites haha. It’s time to be guilty and eat whatever you please. Health is a concern but there will be a more realistic time when you will be able to eat “YouTube-worthy, what-I-eat-in-a-day, pregnancy-edition” type of meal if that’s what you want.

Speaking of morning sickness, always have remedies in stock

Watermelon, ginger ale, crackers, water, peppermint, frozen pops, Greek yogurt, sea bands, lavender scent, bag of cereal, sliced cucumber with lemon, and pb&j sandwich just to name a few.

Let’s not forget constipation!

Some natural options to relieve pregnancy-related constipation are dandelion root tea, lemon water, fruits and veggies, whole grains, prune juice, cabbage soup, oranges, flax seeds, vitamin c, yogurt, apple juice, green tea and warm milk before bed just to name a few.

See where you can make your life easier in general

Cut down on commitments, order groceries on line, prep the kids lunch the night before, pull some clothes out the night before, accept help, have hubby put clothes in the dryer, pull out something for your toddlers to stay entertained etc. Whatever will save your day, go for it when you feel you can.

Involve your hubby and tell him how you feel

Is this a thing or am I the only one under the impression that wives are highly known for expecting our spouses to read our minds and know our feelings? It is IMPERITIVE that your husband is on your page so that: 1-he can help in any way he sweetly can (is that a word or did I just make it up?) And 2-so that you don’t suddenly explode on him and cause a massive blow of a breakdown and he not even know what the heck hit him. He loves you and thinks you’re cute and wants to help, so even if he doesn’t insert the toilet paper roll the right way to make sure it’s there when you go in, know that he’s trying.

Ultimate tip to surviving the hormone roller coaster…

In the moment that you realize you are overboard with the overwhelm, it is life-saving to remind yourself that it is not you, or your husband or even your kiddos. And this will all be over before you know it. Every time I calm myself with those thoughts, the sense of relief I get from that, sets the tone for me again and pulls me together.

If this isn’t your first baby, it must have been worth it, huh?

You’ve been there, done that. You went through this before and decided to give it another go. Well, even it was a surprise haha, but you know how it is once that baby exists in the world. It’s all over and you suddenly stop thinking about everything you ever went through. So remember; remember who you are doing this for and remember that you are doing this in the name of life, love and a blessing…a blessing in disguise!

You need First Trimester Survival Tips even when you have no kids, but if you have them and need real solutions to overcome this period, don't miss this!

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