Getting Through Hard Times: The ONE Thing That WILL Make It All Better

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When you saw the headline: “Getting Through Hard Times”, what was the first scene to cross your mind? What is the most challenging problem, pain or difficulty you are facing right now? How does it make you feel?

When the time comes in your life where it feels like you are experiencing nothing but the likes of financial difficulties, medical diagnosis, marital challenges, the kids’ testing behavior, etc. it’s hard to feel anything but consistent despair, right?

Well, inspired by my very own recent personal and challenging circumstances (which I just fully exposed to my inbox girlfriends via my weekly newsletter-p.s. JOIN HERE!) , I decided to share with you the one thing that ultimately made it all not only endurable, but also a much lighter “burden”. Very much lighter! In fact, I will also admit that it was a huge factor in providing a genuine sense of happiness and fulfilment in the midst of it all!

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Being the personal growth freak that I am, I have taken courses, and workshops, read blog posts and listen to podcasts and webinars. All of these regarding topics on family, self-awareness, faith, self-improvement, and ultimately, BUSINESS! And in almost all of them, I find ONE factor that they all have in common in order to achieve success, accomplishment and fulfillment! This one actionable step that I find influencers have carried out and highly promote (besides the obvious, yet often ignored ‘self-care’), is:

Practicing Gratitude!

Gratitude is more than taking the time to “count your blessings”, say a prayer every night, or journal every morning. It is a MINDSET. It’s a consistent attitude with which you face everything that comes your way day in and day out!

Here is the method I have practiced (am practicing) on overcoming everything that has been overwhelming me lately. Because gratitude (the way I’ve been carrying out) consists of the following two practices:

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1st-Appreciating not enduring the worst case scenarios

So my husband has gone weeks without pay because of the all the rain that has stopped his crew from being able to work, and we are experiencing one of the biggest financial blows we’ve ever had.

At least he HAS a job and a secure spot to go back to. We don’t have to worry about where our next meal is coming from or where we will be sleeping tonight.

So I am not only 7 months pregnant but now I have been diagnosed with a condition that makes me unable to function most days, especially while trying to tend to 2 babies all day long.

But everything is looking good for the baby is she is one healthy baby girl! I also know that my health will all get better after she’s born!

My health (or lack there of?) is interfering with my professional obligations at the moment, but I am grateful that I can do what I do from home and have never had to leave my children in the care of someone else!

You get the idea.

And 2nd- The “I GET to” vs the “I HAVE to” mentality!

“I have to wake up at 4 every morning to pack my hubby’s lunch for work.”

No. ‘I GET to make lunch for my Man, who thank God has a job decent enough to let me be a SAHM.’

“I have to do all these dishes!”

How about ‘I GET to do the dishes tonight. This means we are blessed to have had something to eat today.’

“Ugh, there’s still all these bills we have to pay, etc”

Try thinking ‘I get to have bills to pay which is a reminder that I have the recourses for a decent lifestyle and a home in which to enjoy them,’

“I have to cook every single night”

Better to say ‘I GET to feed my family. I get to HAVE a family to feed and enjoy a meal with’!

Again, you see where this is going.

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Final Thoughts

Unless you give this a try on a consistent basis, you have know idea the magnitude of impact this can have on your mood! It goes a very long way in uplifting the attitude with which you face whatever it is that life may be throwing your way right now.

And it’s up to you whether you believe me, but ever since a few days within starting this mindset, my circumstances literally started changing for the better, I kid you not! And while it didn’t happen overnight, just nurturing this type of mentality made all the difference on the weight of the burden. A huge difference!

I highly urge you to try this!

In fact, I can’t leave without sharing an influential post I came across the other day by my friend Sarah Titus that was so powerful, it comes to mind and strengthens me every time I feel a hardship approaching. In How to Stay Positive When Everything Goes Wrong, Sarah talks about the purpose life’s afflictions on us have in preparing us for a greater good heading our way. Don’t miss out on how she elaborates this message in association with her own personal story!

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Need tips on getting through hard times? What if I gave just one tip that can fix it all? You wouldn't want to miss my ultimate survival tip!

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