20 Things I Never Imagined About Having a Second Baby

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Having your first child was a piece o’ cake wasn’t it?

If you went through the same thing I did, then that’s probably why you’re here. Baby number 2 is either already on your mind or already in your belly! But what will it be like? What’s going to change? What’s gonna get ugly and what will be changing for the better?

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I had the thrill of my new mommy life upon having and raising my first child! So…I thought it’d be ‘cute‘ to conceive another one before my daughter even turned a year old! I got pregnant with a baby boy and my Lord did I feel like I had just hit the jack pot! What happened after? 😆 I did NOT see what was truly coming! In the following, I share 20 things that I never imagined having a second baby would throw my way!

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20 thingsni never imagined about having a second baby

I became weepy over my first

It was fun just the two of us, my princess and me. The snuggles, the play, the cuddling and the outdoor trips! Would I manage anticipating the same degree of loving engagement and interaction with a second child? I felt like my new baby would change everything between our special relationship. Sort of interfering with it? I cried as I came to terms with the fact that things would never be the same again.



Laundry, laundry, and more laundry

Laundry like never before! It may become your ultimate time consuming chore (if you don’t leave it on top of the dryer all week like I do on certain occasions)! On a side note: Check out my detergent and fabric softener DIY! Gotta save us some money!

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Baby wearing!

Whether it’s a wrap or a baby carrier, it becomes your best friend when you have a toddler to look after all day! It is especially convenient in public places!

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You become an expert juggler

When you have absolutely no choice but to get something done even when you “can’t” you will be amazed at how capable you really are! You will figure things out that you never thought possible.

You won’t go all out like with the first

You hardly need new clothes and you certainly do not need any more toys! And that is ok. Your baby will not disown you upon acquiring use of reason.

What works for her may not work for him

Omg this was a big one! My daughter slept the night from day one. She hardly ever cried and she was comfortable in her boppy! She has always been one happy baby. My son however, woke up 4 times a night, cried whenever he wasn’t in my arms and always wanted to eat nonstop! My daughter waited hours to eat when she was very little! You see why I thought this was all gonna be a “piece o’ cake”?

It’s ok if his bath tub is pink!

I did not buy a new tub, or new potty or new…whatever you name it! I don’t believe my son will ever need therapy for that.

Exhaustion is at it’s highest

Being a mommy of 2 made me learn and realize just how much exhaustion a human body is capable of feeling! Like. All. Day. Long.

Strength is also at it’s highest

Mommying 2 toddlers has forced the life out of me into investing every ounce of strength my body has in raising them. Would have otherwise never discovered the degree of power actually I have.

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Sleeping schedule. How do you even do that?

The ultimate most annoying thing ever was that I got zero break. ZERO. Like, as soon one baby woke up, the other napped. As soon as other awoke, baby napped. Everyday. Without. Fail.

Your toddler’s behavior will shock you

I heard about jealousy, resentment and such before, but from the day I came back from the hospital, I. Was. Shocked! It had NEVER crossed my mind that after a couple days of me missing my baby girl, that I would come back to what seemed to have turned into a caged animal! She would not let me touch her. She slapped me, scratched me, you name it! It was sad.


7 Awsome Reasons To Raise Babies Close in Age!

Screen time. Ain’t no body got time to care

That time you swore your kids would never watch TV? Throw it out the window now and come to terms with the fact that for your own sanity, it will occasionally become indispensable.

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You will yell

If you’re the mommy who never yells, you will now. It’s normal and it is OK. If it is not ok and you feel you get out of line with them and don’t know what to do, try these sanity recovering tips here!

You question whether leaving the house is even worth it

I don’t think I have ever felt as lazy as I do when I must leave my house. But when you have 2 little ones, it becomes a must. Or you loose it. It’s just that now, I don’t look just have to look for my keys anymore!

If it’s a boy and a girl…

Aww your perfect little pair”…”So are you done?”…If you have a boy and a girl you will hear this beyond 20 million times! And you will not get used to it. Since the moment I found out I was having a boy up to now, only one person, ONE. PERSON. Did not act like I had won the lottery nor said anything about how perfect it was that I had my “perfect little pair”.

You give up on ‘clean’

I legit gave up on it and it took me months to come to terms with the fact that I was wasting my time. Now I just wait for my husband to let me know he’s on his way home. Then I get up and tidy the house because that is how I like to receive him out of love and respect, especially after his hard long day at work. (On a side not, it does get chaotic with 2 babies, but don’t forget about your marriage! Never stop nurturing your relationship).

There’s little room in the cart

Where do the groceries go when toddler is sitting in the cart and the baby car seat is in the back? Where ever it fits! That’s why baby wearing becomes your best friend😉

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Take advantage of trips before age 2

Got any big vacays on your mind? I’d take them before baby turns 2. No fees for him!

It gets better. It really does.

Of course it’s not always rainbows and unicorns, but today, my babies laugh and play together while mommy works, they eat lunch together and both take a 2 hour nap at the same time. (In fact, that’s what they’re doing right now as I’m on here). They both sleep in their room all night and my mornings are now more predictable. My daughter is 2 and my son is 1.

There IS room for 2!

Remember my comment number 1? I would never look back. Giving my child her little brother is the ultimate, loving gift ever. My baby boy is the best friend she has and will ever have by her side. And when I see them together, I am reminded that I would do it all over again!
Oops, gotta go. I’ll get back to this. They just woke up and I hear him laughing so hard! I’ll show you what they’re doing!

Haha so this is how I found them! Usually Daniela is standing right next to his crib, making him laugh and trying to get on! But this is what they were doing😄

Nothing will prepare you or your child

Nothing you read here (or anywhere for that matter), will ever prepare you for what one goes through upon bearing and mommyin’ a second child vs caring for just one. I learned that real quick! I did write one blog post on how to help prepare your toddler for a new sibling, but just like nothing can prepare a parent, nothing can truly prepare a little child. Also, nothing can nor should stop you from all being excited about it.

Raising babies is beautiful and it is worth it. The pros having 2 close in age far outweigh the challenges that cause fear and doubt! Wanna know what they are? Read them here!

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Is baby number 2 on it's way? Congrats! Having a Second Baby is no joke! Here are 20 things that had never crossed my mind before Having a Second Baby!

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