15 Shocking Ways A Drastic Haircut Changed My Life!

how a haircut changed my life

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When Coco Chanel said: “A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life”, she knew what she was talking about!

I had read that quote long ago but until a few months back, I got to understand what she meant!

In my whole life, I had NEVER done anything for myself until after I got married.

And just like that, in the span of 4 years, I:

-completely changing my wardrobe

-starting applying makeup 

-lost 30 lbs.

Side Note: (If you’re wondering why I went crazy after getting married, here’s why)

Losing weight in less than 6 months postpartum with my 3rd baby, was already a pretty big deal itself because it took me 3 months to achieve a weight I last had since Junior High.

And now I wanted to go from Rapunzel hair to an angled bob!

I wanted it badly (especially after having 3 under 3) but I didn’t want to cause the major shock such change was bound to ensue!

I had been holding on to the temptation for years, when one day my godmother said:

-“Do it! Just do it. You have the face, the age, the features…everything! Go for it and if it doesn’t work out, it grows back and that’s all there is to it. Don’t wait ‘till you’re my age to try to make yourself look cute. You’re at the ideal stage in your life to test your personal style”.

I did it. My 3rd baby’s Baptism was coming up, so I decided to take advantage of the special occasion to introduce my new look!

Following, are the impacts my haircut had on my mood, personality, attitude and on my overall appearance!

1-It enforced my intentional approach to what I wear and how I feel in what I wear

2-I started radiating natural confidence

3-My smile is way more constant and genuine

4-My face is defined and my features enhanced

5-It leveled up the way I accessorize (big game changer here)

6- It has given poise and boldness to engage openly with others

7-According to others, I look younger, yet “mature

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8-It has complemented and elevated my feminine qualities

9-I officially let go of who I was and embraced the new me I was ready (and wanted) to become!

10-My personality has transformed as much as my look has

11-It changed the way I embrace life, my role as a Wife, and the activities that interest me

12-I felt so full of life, I actually made real plans with old friends I hadn’t talked to in years

13-I was liberated of what led me to the change in the first place and I embraced a new sense of freedom

14-It has completely transformed my ‘Wifing’ game!

15-I started taking more pride in my appearance and took self-care to the next level

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Final Thoughts

The moment I saw my finished look and the impact it had on my overall physical aspect, it became a major motivation to start caring for the rest of my body and my appearance more than before.

Among other things, my new self-care approach included a new skin care routine as well as keeping up with my weight management.

My new haircut showed me the extent to which hair represents a Woman, her identity, her deliverance and her empowerment. I embodies who she is altogether!

My friend, my reason for sharing this with you today is not to show off. It wouldn’t make sense since you don’t even know me, so it wouldn’t matter at all.

I just want to tell you that if you need a change, or simply want to feel fabulous, there is no ideal age, body figure, or facial features for you to try what you want.

I am sorry I held back as long as I did. Had I known the impact this would have on me, I would have never acknowledged the possibilities regarding other people, their thoughts or their remarks.

Don’t let anything or anyone get in your way.

It will be between you, yourself and how YOU feel. You don’t have to settle. Take pride in how you look and strive to care for your appearance always. You will be BLOWN AWAY by how one change like that can impact the Woman you become!

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