15 Ways to Attain Beauty, Strength & Grace As A Godly Woman

how to be a godly wife

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Can I ask you a question?” I turn behind me and see the shy college girl from my child development classes.

Sure”, I reply, smiling

Are you a Christian?”

In college, I would get this question like 55 times a day. (Ok not that many but yes, a lot!)

But you know why? Because I wore long skirts every day. (And it wasn’t because I felt like it👎)

Yes, I am”. I answered simply.

She was a shy quiet girl who was always alone. For some reason she found me approachable and when she would talk to me, it was no small talk! She is the same girl who was asked me if I was Mexican and when I confirmed to her that indeed, I was, she says:

Want to know why I ask?…Because you are so nice

There is a difference between a Christian Woman and a Godly Woman. In my college years, I called myself a Christian, but I look back a those days as a time that I was not a Woman who was genuinely pursuing a Godly lifestyle.

Modesty, culture or titles are, clearly, not all it takes to tag yourself as a Woman of God.

At this date and time, I consider myself far from being a Godly Woman, which is why I know a post like this is not because I’m a teacher or ideal example of it, but because I know how much more it can enhance my desire to be one and actually hold me accountable to it.

What are some ways one can actively and consistently undertake a life of grace and, in the process, achieve beauty and strength as a Godly Woman? Read on to see if you relate to any of the following or can work extra hard on!

How To Be A Godly Woman

Moments of silence at some point during your day is a must. When you make quiet time a priority in the midst of your daily routine, you are putting your mind and heart in a favorable place; a place of inspiration, a place of rest, and a place to invigorate!

Prioritize a prayerful lifestyle. Not only because you let God handle the challenges in your life but also for you to embrace a sense of gratitude and regain the strength in Him that you need in your daily life.

Put yourself in others’ shoes. One of the ultimate factors addressed to determine our level of Godliness is based on our treatment to other people. When it comes to your children, do you approach discipline, requests and needs with the same affection you want when you can no longer care for yourself? Do you do for your husband what you’d love he do for you? Are you genuinely welcoming of others?

A woman of virtue is a Woman who is productive! With what approach do you carry out your “default” duties as a Wife and Mom? To what extent do you invest in your own growth as a person through activities that don’t involve addressing the direct needs of your immediate family? How much effort do you put in “extending your hand to the needy”?

Be wise when it comes to financial decisions. If you want to be Godly, it is ideal to use our God-given resources prudently. Stay aware of what you have, educate yourself and know where your money will go and how it will be implemented.

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One of the best ways to be uplifting of our self as Woman is NOT by indulging in self-glorifying nonsense (such as “feel good” books), but by seeing and pointing out the good in others, in the people you love and in yourself. Building yourself up starts by acknowledging that there is always room for self-improvement. You know that, to me, being “enough” is, well…just not enough. A Godly Woman acknowledges that there is always room for growth!

Take pride in your appearance. Elevating your feminine qualities with poise and boldness through the physical aspect will highly level you up as a Woman! It has a massive power to impact your character and the way you conduct yourself as a Wife, as a Mom and as a fellow sister in Christ. In fact, I just went through a major makeover and here’s the impact it had in my personal life!

Practice gratitude as a Wife. Let the man of the house be the Man. Show him grace and be appreciative of him and what he does. I, personally have noticed that when I carry myself this way, he is more inclined to carry out even more acts of love and a lot more considerate of me than he already is!

Do NOT (for the love of all things holy), do not engage in drama, especially other peoples! It is not Godly or virtuous of a Woman to engage in Facebook drama or real life drama and it so makes one look bad! It’s insane how many women I see encounter in public, act like strangers and then argue on fb where everyone can see. No, no no.

A Godly Woman who carries herself out as such, knows her worth. She embraces her value as a the King’s daughter and has STANDARDS for the way she is treated! She earns the respect of others and will enforce boundaries when she needs to.

Practice self-control. Control your emotions so as not to hinder your own personal progress or hurt others in the process. Control your tongue so that more good and constructive words can come out of your mouth vs the negative spread. A Godly Woman is a refined Woman.

Show hospitality. The first thing that may come to your mind is an apron wearing Wife offering freshly baked cookies in her neat and inviting home. Being welcoming consists of being kind and approachable enough to provide others a sense of genuine connection with you and confidence around you. I know a Woman like this who is so nurturing of others, that even small children love her and seek her like they would Auntie or Grandma!

Choose Godly role models and friends. Ideally, if you want be an authentic individual, engage with people who inspire you in your pursuit of godliness and grace. Distance yourself from anything or anyone hindering you from progressing in your journey to reaching your full potential as a Godly Woman!

Have class! Adorn your body as the Holy Spirit’s temple that it is and make it exclusive to you, your husband and your home. Be aware of the line between giving off sensual vibes vs your authentic feminine beauty! Be mindful that the way you dress sends a message and will, therefore, inevitably elicit others’ response. Being classy not about rules but about discretion. A woman who is discrete is a Woman taken seriously!

Have your Bible in one hand and your Spouse’s hand in the other. A Godly Woman know s where her ultimate priorities are and she is not an individual just seeking to be recognized and acknowledged by others.

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Final Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but every time I have looked up to a Woman as an ideal role model for me, her face, body figure, car, purse or makeup has never had anything to do with it. A Woman who carries herself with grace inside and out, radiates beauty all over! Her presence as well as her home is such a pleasure and comfort to be around!

What vibes does your presence deliver? Whatever it is you strive for as a Woman of character, ultimately ensure that your authentic role is congruent to your home as it is outside of it!

Much love😘

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