25 Ways To Be The Best Wife Ever, In His Eyes!

How to be a good wife

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Have you ever stopped to consider what it is that differentiates a happy marriage from a less than thrilling one?

If you came across this post, chances are you want to be that extra loving Wife who has a husband that worships the ground you walk on right??

Whether good or bad, they say the smallest details are what have the highest impact in happily lasting relationships.

There is this song dedicated to a lost loved one that says:

“The details, the small things that didn’t seem to matter to me, are the ones that invade my memories the most every time I think of you”

Now how powerful is that!

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Do you want to know how you can build up and love on your man more as well as have a deeper impact on the overall flow of your marriage?

Stay tuned! In this post, I am going to give you 15 ways to be a great Wife, so that you can foster that kind of love that actually keeps married couples together!

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1-Be a positive Woman

Do you greet him in a pleasurable mood upon his arrival from work or do you nag him over unsolved issues of the home, car, bills, kids, etc? Be the wife he wants to come home to!

2-Walk in grace and confidence

As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing more attractive to a man than a confident, self-secure woman by his side! Keep your man aware of what he has in his own home when it comes to you, his queen!

3-Respect him

A man is as good as the treatment he gets in his own home. Do not bash him or belittle him, do not air out your dirty laundry elsewhere but home, between the 2 of you. Uplift him, in private and in public. Honor him and build him up!

4-Speak up

A confident, mature woman is mindful of the fact that her man is no mind reader. She doesn’t expect him to just take initiative over something he’s not even aware of to begin with. Communicate!

5-No sulking

Ok as far as I’m concerned, this is the most unattractive, unsexy attitude to have toward your husband just because you refuse to speak to him unless he approaches you first to apologize. I encourage you to forgive. Have a dialogue. Solve your problems. Move on.

How to be an irresistable wife
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6-Give him space

The last thing you want to be (or act like) is a dependent wife who just lingers over her spouse with relentless nagging! Be his strength, be his right hand, be his sense of relief from the everyday burdens!

7-Cultivate your own dreams

Even if you invest hours homemaking and parenting, a confident wife with her own set of interests is always extra attractive😉 It can be a simple as a hobby or taking nights out alone!

8-Let him touch you

Girl, if the guy is all over you then clearly, he likes what he sees! Embrace that and make him feel like your Man! A woman who repeatedly rejects that will notice when her Man finally does stop approaching her and will genuinely wonder why.

9-Limit technology

There has to be specific times, at least during meals and in the bedroom with absolutely no electronic distractions. Agree on a time to give each other your full, undivided attention and stick with it!

10-Give him a yes

Is there some interest of his you are usually to busy for or repeatedly say no to? Try to begin accepting being a part of his activities of interest and participate with him as much as you can. You can even try new hobbies together!

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, never lose sight of what it was that conquered your Man’s heart from day one.

There will inevitably be days when you just don’t feel like having your act together for him, but remember that love is an act, not a feeling. It is the act of love that must come first and in return is when that “warm feeling” will result!

Act lovingly first. Feelings come after.

What was it that created the spark when he first got to know you?

What did he love about you that’s maybe been lost since children came in the picture?

Go from there!

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