How To Be The Wife He Can’t Wait To Come Home To!

Hiw to be a good wife

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Have you ever happened to come across a time when you just randomly went the extra mile to do something nice or extra special around your home for the people you love? Or something that just made your husband’s day?

Last night, multiple incidents made me feel good but Iโ€™ll share a couple. Right after dinner, upon walking down the hallway, my husband lets out a big sigh and says:

โ€œOur little house is so pretty, baby. It’s so nice!โ€

He proceeded to tell me how much he liked how it was and expressed his gratitude for me.

Next thing I knew, as I was cuddling with my babies before tucking them in, I heard his camera snapping some photos!

You see, I have 3 babies under 3 and if you have even one toddler, you know how close to unrealistic it is to 1: manage having the whole house clean by dinner time, and 2: upkeep the order in your home on the long run. Well I just happened to have been extra motivated yesterday and had one delighted husband at the end of the day!

HE WAS TAKING PHOTOS OF OUR HOME, for goodness sake!!!

I hope this tells you my home is no better than anyone else’s because clearly, my husband was impressed by a clean house!

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The message here is this:

I was so fulfilled and content at my husband’s satisfaction of coming home to this and embracing our home as the haven I want it to be for him, that it inspired and motivated me to consistently do even more things for him to make him feel loved, appreciated and special!

How can I make him extra happy?

What can I do to continue being the Wife he can’t wait to come home to?

How can I make our overall environment a place he actually wants to be in?

What gestures will make him feel respected, honored and cared for as my husband that will make him feel extra special and loved?

If you could ask yourself these same questions and have the inclination to go the extra mile for the Man in your life that doesn’t involve just “sending sweet texts” or “cooking his favorite dinner“, then continue reading to find out genuinely, unique and AUTHENTIC ways to be a highly fantastic Wife!

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how to be a good wife

-Pick a morning for him to wake up to the coffee the way he likes it

-Dismiss him to work not just with a kiss, but with a passionate one!

– Is there something you wish he knew and don’t know how to say? Hide a loving letter in his drawer

-Plan a night for his favorite activity

-Take care of chore that heโ€™s usually responsible for

-When you go out on an errand, bring back a special something to let him know you think of him

-Make an impulsive purchase of something he’s been wanting-Brag about him on social media

-Learn his love language and nurture it

-Have take-out and pick up dinner from his favorite place

-Apply an appealing fragrance on yourself-Wear something he likes on you

-Take pride in your overall appearance and care for it

-Drop what you’re doing to greet him upon coming in after a long day’s work

-Make sure the first space your husband walks into after a long day, has an overall tidy and inviting appearance

-Give him your undivided attention at least 30 minutes upon his arrival from work

-For at least his first hour home, or while your eating, or right before bedtime, don’t burden him about bills, drama, needed fixer uppers, family issues, etc.

-Give him some space when he needs it

-Make the bathroom space a fresh, clean and fragrant bliss for when he retrieves to it to freshen up after his long, hard day of labor

-Tell him when you like how a particular outfit looks on him

-Have the phone put away when you eat together and when you’re in the car and talk. Just talk.

-When he approaches you to give you a peck on the lips, surprise him with a more intimate embrace

-Make a habit of expressing gratitude

-Pick up habits you carried out back when you were conquering him

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-Start having the initiative to admit your mistakes and apologize (My Man acts like he saw angels when I do this)

-Be positive, be optimistic and let only good come from your words to him

-Handle disagreements with poise and grace

-Thank him for something he doesn’t know you noticed!

-Out of the blue, reach out to touch his hand and caress it

-Feel his muscles

 -Sit on his lap

-Create the habit of complimenting him

 -Always look him in the eyes when he is sharing something with you

-Let him catch you looking at him and smile when he turns

-Take him to a store he likes to browse and walk around with him as long as he needs

-Pick something he often misses out on because you don’t like it and let him enjoy for a day or two.

-Take pride by his side in public and build him up in front of others, especially your side of the family

-He can handle disciplining his without your interference. Back off and let him be a parent, back him up when needed

-He is perfectly capable of being a Dad. Let him discipline, feed, bathe, change, tuck in, etc. without you making fun of or needing to โ€˜correct’ it. There is a reason children need a Mom and a Dad. Y’all aren’t the same. Give him his place and let him carry out his part the way only he knows how!

-Have his back whenever he is disrespected by anyone

-Embrace him for 1 full minute

-Your bedroom is sacred. Make it a pleasure to be in. Clear the clutter. Make it your guys’ haven

.-Make sure your bed linens are always fresh with a nice clean scent!

-Give him you full undivided attention for at least 30 minutes before he goes to sleep

-Let him touch you and love on you

-Initiate an extra intimate night

-Choose at least one thing from this list on a daily basis and do it! (Don’t forget to take the printable!๐Ÿ‘‡)

How to be a good wife printable
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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, only you know your husband well; better than anyone else. You, more than anybody, know what makes your Man a Happy Man. Only you know what made him fall in love to begin with and why he married you. Use that power to favor your marriage and continue conquering him everyday.

On the other hand, I also want to highly encourage you to put yourself in his shoes. What job does he do? How many hours does he have to be away from home? If it were you instead of him, think of what you would like to walk into upon arriving home and go from there to help you set just the right tone for the atmosphere you want your husband to come home to. That way he finds that sense of relief and comfort in his own home. Because you, girlfriend, ARE his home!๐Ÿ˜‰

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how to be a good wife

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