12 Realistic Ways For Busy Moms To Connect With God When There’s Literally No Time

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Have you ever planned to discipline yourself in an area in your life, to the point you get all fancy about only to end up being inconsistent until you give it up all together?

After having 2 babies I was losing myself and losing track of other important factors of my life. My spiritual nourishment was one of those things and being that it is one of my most important priorities, I figured getting all fancy about it would motivate me to “stay on track”.

I started posting in groups and messaging friends asking for their reccomendations on devotionals that can go hand in hand with my Bible and for books that will nurture me as a Woman of God that I aspire to be!

It didn’t take long before I had multiple items in my Amazon cart just before January of 2019. I was starting fresh allover and couldn’t wait for my mornings to start with a fancy tray on my bed next to me, holding  these pretty books, my coffee and my Bible; all fancy just like on Instagram.

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When I started, it was refreshing and fulfilling. However, after a few months, “feeling good” about my approach to spiritual growth and connection was just not enough. I stopped doing it on a daily basis until I quit altogether when circumstances in my life changed.

What I had failed to realize though, was that there were other ways I was making (and could make) God a part of my life and making things too elaborate for myself was just a…luxury? Idk! 

I was surprised with a 3rd child this year and raising 3 under 3 has taught me a thing or two this year about doing what I must, no matter what. And today I am going to discuss the spiritual side of things and share with you ways I have learned to stay in touch with God at the same time I’m home 24/7 with small babies. I have learned that our children should be a motivation and not an excuse.

Here are 12 ways you can connect with God while Momming that I have carried out and have given me a sense of joy, growth and strength in my personal journey as a Mom and as the Woman of virtue I want to be!

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How To Connect With God As A Busy Mom

Go screen-free first thing in the morning

When, upon waking up in the morning, you give up using your phone for at least the first half hour of your day that can really set the tone for where your focus should be. Our phone is always, inevitably, a distraction. I’ll be the first to admit, that it for sure isn’t the gospel the first thing I look at when I grab my phone. Even if I did, as long as I’m using my phone the other distractions will always be there.

Before your feet touch the floor

Make it a point every morning as you open your eyes or are removing the covers off of you, to say a simple “Thanks Jesus, for waking me up again”, before your feet even touch that floor!

Snuggle with your babies before getting the day started

Is there a bigger blessing in your life than your own children? My children are my ultimate gift from God and when I embrace them, it makes me feel close to Him more than anything else! When I hug them, play with them or sit down for breakfast with them, I embrace the moments in gratitude with the Lord for His goodness and Mercy!

Offer Him your daily labors

It is so effortless to get into the “routine” when doing the same ol’ obligations every day and then feel “meh” with all the tiredness they constitute. But when you offer your duties to God as an act of love, you end up not only connecting with Him but you feel a genuine sense of satisfaction in what you’re doing! For example. When I am really, really tired I’ll quietly pray something like Take this exhaustion as a moment of rest of someone who is truly suffering right now.” Or if I’m sick my prayer may sound something like May my pain be someone else’s relief right now”. Or my favorite, when doing nothing but care for my sick babies Have Mercy on the little children who have no one show them love. You get the idea.

Say grace

I was never raised in a way that would make me see food as such a sacred privilege. I do not know why I feel so strongly about what a blessing it is to never go to bed hungry. In fact food and meal time is so sacred to me, that I make sure no one in my home ever eats alone, nor do my kids eat without me sitting at the table eating with them, and every night, we all eat dinner together at the dining table more than we do the living room. We say grace and food never goes to waste.

Listen to Christian/Gospel music or podcasts while on the move or on the go

One of the things I do a lot (if my kids aren’t being crazy loud), I will go on YouTube, put something valuable on play and display my tablet right on my kitchen window while I do the dishes or cook. I’m nourishing myself and getting my chores done at the same time! You can do the same while in your car and listen to anything spiritually productive.

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Join a community during the week

I have heard multiple times from different churches about them having a prayer group especially for women. I would investigate what services are held at a location near you and participate as often as possible. Most churches will have (if not a women’s group) at least a weekly Bible study or prayer service aside from Sundays.

Read Bible stories

You probably already read to your children as it is. Do you have a children’s Bible at home? Read them stories and allow for them to ask questions, point out what interests them and take advantage of any discussion that can come from this, both for your own growth as well as your children’s.

Prayers and devotionals as a family

I have always had a strong conviction that a large part of a child’s emotional being and self-concept is ultimately impacted by the last experience they have for the day. How are they feeling when they fall asleep? Do they feel loved and at peace because you just got done reading them a story and kiss them good night with an ‘I love you’? Or did he cry himself to sleep because you raised your voice and wish the day can just be over already. I don’t know how else to put this, but make it a “habit” to pray as a family every night and thank God together for whatever you all are grateful for that happened that day.

Engage with women who share your pursuit of growth, faith and spirituality

Are their people in your life who make it challenging for you to be authentic when you are around them? If you can’t fully be who you are (or who you want to be) while in the company of someone who is not on the same page as you, perhaps try limiting your interactions with them. Find friends who will not only respect your spiritual inclinations but who will also challenge you in a positive way; who will contribute to your growth and even find someone you can look up to as a role model.    

Clean up your social media

Is what you see on Facebook and Instagram a contribution to your relationship with God or does it hinder it? Do you find the influence of people you follow to encourage your growth or does it incite greed or a sense of insecurity? Check out who is worth following and who is maybe better off being removed from your list. Pay attention to what is nourishing the mind, heart and spirit vs what is nourishing to the flesh and make wise choices.

Find quiet time and embrace silence

On what planet?

Ok hear me out before you just skip this one!!

I made another “realistic” list for Moms called 15 Realistic Quiet Time Ideas For Moms With Toddlers. I highly encourage you to refer to these tips and pursue what best suits your lifestyle in order to acquire those much needed moments of silence. Not just for the sake of it but because God is also in the silence, God is peace and he calms the soul. Take this time to take Him in, embrace the moment and recharge!

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Final Thoughts

If anything from this post sticks with you today, take this: Chances are, you already repeatedly scroll for minutes at a time on your phone viewing social media. So while you’re at it read Scripture verses, view Christian inspired videos, read Christian blog posts, etc. The idea is that, ultimately, you do have time to make for God, acknowledge that, embrace it and carry it out in your daily life.

The magnitude of impact that will have on the overall flow of your life will far outweigh the challenges of Motherhood that otherwise, nothing ever prepares you for.

God bless, my fellow sister!

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