Is Someone In Your Life Draining You? When Enough Is Enough!

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Is it just my impression, or do we all know that one person will go as far as we let them, to drain out every last ounce of our sanity?

I say sanity because what people like this get out of us or trigger in us always interferes with a genuine sense of peace in our lives!

Common traits of individuals I am referring to include a person who is an:

-an opportunist

-a narcissist



-negative and toxic

If you know (or currently engage with) someone with any of these traits, and you feel repeatedly taken advantage of or have a hard time doing what’s best for you, (because you’re pleasing someone else), then I highly encourage you to consider the importance of having boundaries in your life!

Let me emphasize the fact that boundaries are needed in all relationships. not just toxic ones! You need them out of mutual respect and to protect yourself. However, for the sake of this post, our focus will be on how to walk out of existing negative situations.

Chances are, if you clicked on my title, you are at about your whit’s end, or even just with the way you are being made to feel!

In fact, you may be already so trapped into their nonsense that you came here wondering whether YOU’RE the one who is just being dramatic or too sensitive or even just (God forbid) SELFISH!

Toxic and negative people tend to repeatedly tag you with labels like:


attention seeker


They tell you things like:

You just need to get over yourself

nobody’s perfect

It wasn’t that bad.”

If, like I said, you’ve probably felt confused at how you feel, this is why. It’s like sending you down the guilt trip is their ultimate manipulation tactic. 

And I promise you, I PROMISE, that if you’re not DONE with the drama and you think you can continue putting up with them to an extent in order to “keep the peace”, you are not going to make it.

I promise you that if it is not sooner than later, you WILL eventually get fed up at what you are being put through and the way out of it will be that much harder!

In other words, get unstuck now before later if you’ll otherwise end up doing so one day any ways.

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How To Deal With a Draining Person

For more than 15 years, I was highly influenced and manipulated by a narcissistic family member. With a highly negative emotional impact in my life, I eventually distanced myself from this person.

Key word: Distanced. (Trust me, when choosing between having boundaries or down right cutting someone off, there is a big difference.)

After about 5 years later, the only factor that has convinced me that “enough is enough”, was acknowledging the fact I was no longer alone and that what happens to me, happens to my family.

I have a husband a little people who depend on me and who should be the priority in my life.

-Sure, I could have just kept trying. I could have (as others have told me) “not changed my kind heart or the type of Woman I am just because of (her) actions”.

-I could have repeatedly kept walking on eggshells just so that the minors involved (including my own children) would not “miss out”.

-I could have (as yet another person told me) continue subjecting myself to her until I no longer felt paralyzed by her presence, so I can know it’d be a sign of “healing”.

Now, you tell me how worth it that would be if in the process, my little family would not have a Mom who is healthy, happy, and emotionally stable?

What made you click on the post? Have you tried long enough nurturing someone else’s satisfaction at the expense of your own peace and happiness?

If you, like me, have reached the point of questioning someone’s treatment of you, how you feel about it or the repercussions it is inflicting in your home or on your own family life, chances are you have made the same mistake I did:

Not having set specific boundaries from day one.

Plan, Set and Enforce Boundaries!

What are some specific signs of unhealthy boundaries?

What red flags characterize a person who can drain the life outta you you? Are boundaries only designed for toxic people?

What do you get out of setting boundaries? What’s in it for you?

What do healthy boundaries even look like?

HOW do you plan, set and enforce boundaries?

What do you do when and if someone repeatedly violates you, even after setting clear boundaries?

If you need answers and you need a solution NOW, get a fresh start and join me for a FREE5 Day Boundary Setting Challenge!!We will dive into each one of these above topics in actionable detail! I will go over the ideal approach to identify your current challenges and how to proceed pursuing confidence to claim your life back!

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