30 Ways to Deodorize Your Home +How To Make It Smell Amazing!

How to deodorize your home

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When you walk into someone else’s home, what is the very first thing you notice?

How does it smell upon being invited in, and what senses does it trigger for you?

You’re either going to be disgusted or pleased, right?

As far as I can remember , the very first impression I’d get from someone else’s home, always came from the smell inside upon being greeted at the door!

When you know you’re going to be sitting in another person’s home for so long, the ideal experience you’d like is for their place to feel inviting, don’t you? The very same should apply to your own place! After all, it’s where you live and you want to be proud of the home you dwell in.

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You want the overall smell of your home environment to trigger senses of pleasure, joy, relief, happiness and well-being!

And did you know…?

Did you know that 75% of our emotions are triggered by smells?? Applealing fragrances have, indeed, been found to link to these sort of senses I mentioned above!

To find out how you can set the tone for living in a nice, fresh and clean atmosphere, keep reading 30 ways on How to Deodorize Your Home.

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But first, let’s eliminate the odors, to begin with! Because we don’t just want to mask them, right? Read on!

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How to eliminate odors in your home

Keep stinky shoes out of high traffic area such as the entryway or hallway.

Put them away and stuff them with a sock filled with baking soda to neutralize the bad smell.

Once a week, sprinkle your carpets with baking soda and leave for 20 minutes before vacuuming

Run an air purifier

Take out the trash in your home on a daily basis

Use vinegar and baking soda to wash your trash can once a week

Sprinkle borax or baking soda in the trash can before each bag replacement

Use scented trash bags

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Regularly check items in your fridge and throw out what isn’t good

Wash your cutting boards immediately after use and sprinkle with salt and scrub with half a lemon

Wash dishes as you go and keep sink scrubbed down (I like to spray Lysol in an empty sink every night) Such a fresh feeling!

Clean dishwasher with cool-aid

Wipe down the stove after every meal cooked

Place open baking soda containers in the cupboards and fridge

Regularly wash your sofa covers and cushions. Once a month, at least

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Wash your curtains

Sprinkle the dog bed with borax and wash with vinegar

Keep your pets groomed

Spray a DIY pet deodorizer

Bleach toilet brush

Spray Lysol in the toilet brush container

Wash bath mats

Freshen up your towels by washing with vinegar and baking soda (do NOT use hot water or it will rid the fluffiness. Machine wash cold to enhance the fluff!)

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Wipe down bathroom with vinegar

Open windows

Place an air-purifying plant in your home

Wash clothes that have collected a musty smell

Deep clean your mattress twice a year

Wash your linens and bedding as soon as they’ve lost that fresh, clean scent

Clean your ac filters and air ducts

Place charcoal pouches/filters in your home

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Wrapping It Up (Now the FUN Part!!)

Alrighty, so now that the actual source of unpleasant smells has been addressed and gotten out of the way (and hopefully taken care ofπŸ˜‰), it is now time for the fun part!

Once you have carried out the necessary tasks for a truly CLEAN environment, you can choose from any of the following 15 Ways To Make You Home Smell Amazing at all times!

It’s nice to live in fresh, clean conditions! But to enhance the sense of pleasure in that, making your house actually smell pretty can go a really long way on the impact of not only your overall delight, but on those who come for a visit!🌸

Take the following freebieπŸ‘‡ and prepare yourself for guests asking:

“What smells? It smells like (you name it). I like it, it smells good!”

That’s what I get, so i’m telling you right nowπŸ˜„

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How to deodorize your home

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