How To Embrace The Toddler Years Before They’re Over!

How to embrace the toddler years

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Enjoy every moment”, they said. “It goes by so fast”, they said.

Really? Ya don’t say!

Who came up with this?? Were they even a parent?

Because if they were and they enjoyed every last minute of it, they should have just written a book for us on how exactly to accomplish that and have an all rainbows and unicorns parenting life!

I am only 3 years in and have literally had times where I panic at what the future holds. Because honestly, I have had too many times where I just want to grab the keys, get out alone and drive; drive until a tire pops! And then I remember, “This is only starting”!!!😭

It’s one thing not to enjoy every minute of parenting and another for the not so joyful times to make you wish this stage can just be over with already. I’ve been guilty of both. 

These feelings are completely normal and temporary so there is no need to feel a sense of guilt about it. Especially when there are some pretty realistic ways to embrace this stage even in the midst of those less than amusing parenting moments. Because we all know how much we really did wish our kids wouldn’t leave us one day, (because they WILL leave)!

But that day is not today and if you want to make the most of the short time you will get to have with your kiddos, keep reading to find out how to realistically take advantage of these years as much as you can!

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Hiw to embrace tge toddler years

Set the tone for their day by cuddling with them first thing in the morning upon their wake-up time.

Share meal time! Meal time is such a sacred privilege. Don’t make them eat alone. Leave your phone in another room and sit at their table, join them and share their meal, talk with them! 

Make play time with them a priority! Engage with them for play time either indoor or outdoors for no less than 30 minutes in the morning and if possible another half hour in the evening.

Share their amusement while out on a drive. Listen to/acknowledge them about the things they see while they’re out. Don’t be like my bio Mom saying, Honey, I love you, but I really don’t care right now. Please hush! Don’t be like that. I am 30 yrs old and I still remember.

You are an example to your children. Make sure when possible to have your eyes on them when they need your attention and are asking/telling you something.

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Plan occasional Mommy-son/daughter dates to spend time one on one.

Sit with them to enjoy a favorite treat of theirs.

Read to them!

Give them fun bubble baths while you can.

Hold them! Hold them close, hold them tight, hold them often!! Because out of all the experiences that only last so long, the most painful thing, is not being able to hold them anymore. It hurts! It hurts so bad it stings the soul!

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Final Thoughts

Notice I didn’t suggest things like expensive trips, Pinterest-worthy activities or purchasing something grand for them. It the simplest every day habits and small but genuine details that have the highest magnitude of impact in your relationship with your children!

Remember, you must turn these 10 elements into HABITS in your life. I told you they were achievable, right?

Creating a consistent habit of these practical ideas is a must, for making the most of your children’s young stage!

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