15 Ways on How to Have a Christ Centered Christmas (With Your Kids)

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Have you ever reached particular stages of your child’s life that suddenly smack you with reality on the magnitude of responsibility you have in the midst of raising ‘em and how you do so?

The more my babies grow the more it hits me. I legit ask myself multiple times what I have gotten myself into. (with zero regrets, might I add.)
And wouldn’t this journey be easier if we did not have fellow women judging us left and right about our own approach to parenting and the choices we make?

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Particular stages of our children’s lives call for very particularly big decision making. One of mine has been involving my children in Christ Centered Christmases from day one. Meaning no Santa, no elf on the shelf…etc.

I myself grew up believing in Santa and that might be something you do carry out in your own home which is totally fine! But if you are looking for more ways to incorporate the meaning: “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” with your family, then you are in a good place, where I have for you 15 ways on How to Have a Christ Centered Christmas.

Are you looking for ways to show that "Jesus is the reason for the season" in your home? Don't miss these 15 Ways on How to Have a Christ Centered Christmas!

1-Have a Nativity set displayed in your home

2-Play Christian Christmas songs

3-Do things for strangers that reflect Christ’s gift of love

This can be things like singing to the elderly at the nursing home, or preparing warm homemade meals for the homeless, etc.

4-Write a Christmas letter to Jesus

5-Celebrate Jesus with an actual birthday cake and make it together as a family

6-Watch Christian Christmas movies

7-Read Christ Centered Christmas story books (ideally at bedtime)

8-Christian based coloring books of the Nativity story

9- Play hide and seek with baby Jesus

This literally consists of hiding baby Jesus for the kiddos to find and it is so, super fun!

10-Sing Christmas carols around the tree

11-Read the Christmas story straight from Luke 2:1-20

12-Visit a live Nativity

Find out at your local church for a place that will be hosting a live nativity scene.

13-Involve the kids in your Church’s Christmas plays or activities

14-Attend your communities services on Christmas Eve

15-Pray around your Nativity on Christmas day

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned above and have emphasized in multiple posts, when it comes to your kids, you generally kind of just have to go with the flow. Like, in 2 years you might be doing things a little differently. You do things different with a 12 yr old than you do with a 4 yr old.

It’s ok if you don’t follow exactly what you were taught growing up, or if you don’t do things at the same stages in your babies childhood as they did yours.

Ultimately, we all determine our own parenting approach and how we raise our little ones in accordance with our very own lifestyle and personal family circumstances. No family is the same, so take what fits and enjoy this season with your little family!

And please don’t leave without telling me in the comments how you have carried out your Christmas traditions so far! Have Christ Centered Christmas tip you know of that I didn’t mention here? Drop it👇 and I’ll add it!😉

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