10 Tips On How To Look Good Without Makeup (For Moms!)

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So you want to know how to look good without makeup, but as a Mom are short on time and have a more go with the flow lifestyle.

What is your overall purpose of looking good as a Woman? What results do you look forward to upon leveling up your physical appearance?

Why am I asking you this?

Before proceeding to carry out life changing habits, it is ideal to do so with the knowledge that your priority should be your own overall health and well being.

I went through a short period of trying to look “nice” and quickly learned that I was starting with the wrong approach. Since my priorities over my body were not in order, my looks resulted in some pretty incompatible and unflattering outcomes.

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I know we are not here to talk about about make up so just to elaborate, hear me out.


Imagine trying to wear lipstick, only to draw attention to neglected teeth.

Imagine trying on fashionable hair accessories on less than healthy hair.

Imagine hovering over someone’s phone when they’re showing you something only to give off the fact that you didn’t wear deodorant.

Can you imagine?

So, my friend. Do you want to find out how to beautify yourself long-term?

Do you want to feel amazing, and as a result act the way you look, and appeal to others in the process?

Find out below the 10 ways you can know not just how to look good without makeup, but feel vibrant and be healthy with a beauty that does not involve makeup, fake nails and high heels!

Improve skin health

Exfoliate regularly. Apply natural, nourishing creams, and drink plenty of water. Skin is the largest organ in your body and is what ultimately showcases your overall health.

Commit to a hair care routine

I urge you to avoid striping the health, beauty and vitality of your hair by damaging it with hair dye. Do your research on care for your type of hair as well as if you are experiencing hair or damaged hair and proceed from there. You can always trying something new and get an all new hairstyle!! It will not only impact your appearance, it will change your life!

Elevate your smile with oral hygiene

Keep your teeth clean. This includes flossing to improve your gum health. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips regularly to radiate your natural vibrance. My ultimate favorite oral care routine has been oil pulling every morning. I has been highly improving the whiteness of my teeth for the past month!

Groom your eyebrows

Perfect your eyebrows and give them an anchor point. This will help frame your eyes better. Bonus Tip: Brush with a little bit of coconut oil.

Nail care

You do not want to be into the habit of biting them. Make sure you are not letting them grow overly long that they gather so much dirt and grime. Keep them shaped, clean and regularly apply cuticle oil. If you’re into nail polish, make sure you’re not leaving them with chipped nail polish. An added tip is to avoid cracked nails is to protect your hands with gloves while cleaning.

Get enough sleep

Let’s just say that when some of do not acquire the level of rest we should be, it shows!

Eat a healthy diet

You know how they say “You are what you eat“? There is a reason for that and I am living proof!

Know your colors, patterns and shapes

What you wear makes or breaks your overall look. What looks good on a mannequin or your favorite influencer may not work for you. Test what works for your body shape and skin tone and make choices that will flatter your uniqueness.

Maintain the heart of your hygiene

It will be difficult to feel beautiful in a body you are not comfortable in. If you have rare discharges “down there” or unusual smells, that needs to be seen by your gynecologist. Don’t let the bush go wild, keep it clean and wear loose cottons to help promote that PH/bacterial balance.

Overall upkeep

Wear deodorant. Apply a fragrance on you. Have hand cream on the go.

Want to take it up a notch?

Accessorize yourself! It won’t hurt to wear those cute shoes or add on those pair of earrings, wear a cute belt or wrap you a feminine scarf. Be creative!

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Always keep in mind that you are very unique and need to adapt your overall upkeep accordingly. Between you and the women you look up to, you each have a different environment you’re exposed to, a different budget, different body types, different lifestyle, different hair, etc. Acknowledge your inimitable individuality and proceed from there my lovely friend!

Have a great and beautiful week!!

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