How To Look Put Together As A Mom: 10 Daily Habits To Feel Amazing!

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Once upon a time, I was at a stage in Mom life where I was pretty easily annoyed at the term “Mom” because to me, it was synonymous to “hot mess” It was also annoying to me feeling like being a Mom is too much about leggings, coffee, Uggs, & self-soothing trips to Target!

In reality, I was not satisfied with my own self at the time. I wasn’t feeling great as a Woman, and hadn’t been for a really long time. Becoming a Mom, inevitably led to habits that didn’t involve practices that would benefit me long term. Some of those that I am going to share with you today on How To Look Put Together As A Mom, are things that I just never even thought about. Literally. Let alone would I ever be able to acknowledge the magnitude of difference they made until I gave it a try myself!

It was only because I hit rock bottom that I eventually paid attention and sought alternatives to achieve a more vibrant look, feeling and lifestyle. The idea was to make a difference for myself because of how I was feeling. Ultimately, I made an impact on more that just that. I had influenced my overall function during the day and my relationships with others.

The habits I am going to share with you today are ones that, I promise, will release the “happy hormone” in you and inevitably impact the overall flow of your mood as well!

Commit to a hair style

It only takes a few minutes. Being “Mom” does NOT have to consist of messy buns just because that is what feels convenient. There are alternatives so if you want to make the process fun, look for images or videos pertaining to your particular hair type. My change was so drastic, yet simple, that now I don’t have to do much other than brush because it’s already styled and even defines my face a little more. It looks very “Womanly“, so I’ve been told.

Wear real undergarments

I think the last time I had worn something that was not for sports or for grannies was in my teenage years. Three kids later and here I am recreating my wardrobe of cute, matching undergarments! I added this tip because it is something only I (and my hubby) can see and enjoy, yet I feel great inside out. It really does make a difference.

Invest in cute, feminine loungewear

I don’t know about you but most days I just went to bed with literally whatever I had on, if it was comfortable enough. And even when I did switch into something else, it usually involved sporty shorts or leggings. Lounging in silky pajamas or night dress now, for example, makes me feel really good and more relaxed. It’s nice to wear something “real”.

Wear a body fragrance

Did you know that 75% of your mood is enhanced by smell? Having some fragrance on hand that you can just rub or spray on, will elevate your frame of mind and will have you effortlessly feeling fresh and blissful in no time!

Commit to outfits/personal style

Let’s face it. This one will take extra effort and discipline, but it is very worth it not to end up fed up of wearing nothing but leggings, jeans, or those neutral colors that match with anything just to be safe. Wear real outfits and commit to a personal style. It won’t make sense to dress bohemian style one day, for example, and chic, the next. Dress your style, but always in a way pertinent to the occasion you are going to be in!! It would be foolish to do otherwise.

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Work with YOUR body type

I am no more 5ft, have fluffy cheeks, thick hair and am busty. So no matter amazing bold patterns, curvy edges, stripes, polka dots or flowers look on Betty Lou, I am NOT going to pull that off! No way. Know your colors, know your patterns and style and what will enhance your unique features!

Follow your unique beauty formula!

This one, in a way, goes hand in hand with the previous tip. Work with what you’ve got. My best features are my hair, waist and smile. I make sure my hair is on point as often as possible. I keep up with my oral hygiene and I dress to enhance my waist. Maybe your skin needs extra attention, or you have strong healthy nails that can be enhanced with a natural look inspired manicure. You are authentically amazing, work with what you have been given.

Get rid of stained or torn clothing

I never thought how much this actually mattered. I figured, if I didn’t care, why should others. Most of the reason I felt this way thinking “no one will notice”. People do notice. But what’s more noticeable? The difference you will feel in wearing things that are in more than decent condition. That is the part that matters most.


I have to add that while paying attention to what your apparel says about you matters, sometimes, one is just literally NOT in the mood. We are Moms, and as such, there isn’t always time, or energy! That is why I created a post on how to effortlessly level up your look no matter what you throw on!

Eat healthier

Nothing else matters if your overall health isn’t your priority. I’ve never felt so great anytime I did all the things, if on the other hand, I was eating whatever and whenever. I felt worse about myself and my body when I did that. A couple things I do to avoid this are not giving into buying what I know I will gobble up if I see it in my kitchen during the week. Another approach I take is saving treats or baking goods for special occasions or when we will have guests over. I won’t buy or make things I know I’ll end up eating so it “doesn’t go to waste“. And lastly, I imagine my kids eating the way I am and whether I would be ok with that.

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Final Thoughts

In the process of upgrading any area of our lifestyle, it is imperative to stay inspired in order to upkeep with consistency. It’s all sweet and blissful until one inevitably looses the motivation. It will happen and if you don’t stick to your source of motivation and inspiration, it will be impossible to remain disciplined on this level of care of yourself.

If you notice you started letting things slide and a good span of time has gone by carelessly, go back and start again. That’s life, it happens and it’s never not ok to get back up and start again. I, personally have been through that for 3 or more stages in my life since becoming a Mom and I always happen to start over again after watching that YT video or coming across that one blog post or seeing that raw Instagram post from my favorite influencer.

At the end of the day, there is nothing more inspiring or motivating than contemplating the genuine experiences that result in your body, heart and mind, and in the loved ones in your home!

Have a great week!


-Elena (Nena)

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