35 Ways To Make Christmas Extra Magical (And Memorable) For Your Kids

how to make christmas magical for kids

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A couple days ago in the early morning, still under my cozy blanket, I was scrolling through Instagram. Contemplating all things Christmas, I stopped when I came across a photo of a toddler decorating Christmas cookies. It caught my attention though, because the first thing I noticed about it was that one side, had perfectly “Pinterest-worthy” decorated cookies whereas the toddler was, well… “making memories” 😄

The caption on this image read: “I have literally waited my whole life for this!”

I instantly related to this because upon starting my family (5 yrs. ago), and feeling the holidays approach, memories of how my Mom added magic to every holiday suddenly came to me! I literally couldn’t wait to start my kids on traditions I’d hope they embrace 20 years from now!

Today, my kiddos are 3 and 4 years old and while there’s so much I want to do, this has been the first year we have actually been able to do things they can understand and participate in! And I know the older they get, the more fun we can eventually integrate into the holiday seasons.

If you, like me, have attempted being fun and you get excited over any new possibility you find at giving your kids experiences that will enhance the holiday joy, than keep reading and you will take away 35 ideas on ways you can make this season extra magical for your kiddos!

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How To Make Christmas Magical For Kids

Visit the fancy department stores just to gaze at all the Christmas wonder in their seasonal home décor
Watch children’s Christmas classics that aired in he 60s
As a family, finish and display a large Christmas puzzle
Make a tradition to attend one local attraction every year
Pick them a new seasonal (edible) product from the store per week for them to try
Christmas dance party night in pajamas
Check out holiday-inspired event at small towns near you
Blanket forts with hot chocolate and Christmas books
Light sparklers
Make edible ornaments
Drive around to look at Christmas lights
Christmas karaoke night
Read the nativity story by candle light
Pick a neighbor to bless with something special
Do the Jesse tree
Do an advent calendar
Provide a trace of yarn for every good deed your child does and with them create a warm manger
Bake new goodies you’ve never tried before
Bake cookies or cinnamon rolls for Christmas movie night
Download Christmas printables for them to color or work on
Visit Christmas concerts
Go to light parades
Sing along to Christmas music in the car
Have lots more special drinks like fizzy juice or hot cocoa
Read a little extra as a family before bed
Get them each one new coloring book
Look up crafts or activities on Pinterest
Pick a charity your kids can actually engage in
Living room sleepover the first night you light up your tree
Build and decorate a gingerbread house
Hum a classic Christmas song and have them guess which one it is
Indoor snowball fight
Take a new family photo every year
Have a Christmas scavenger hunt when you’re out for a drive
Share stories of your own childhood at Christmas time. What are your favorite memories?

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Final Thoughts

I didn’t have the most creative Mom when I was growing up and she didn’t have Pinterest or Instagram, yet she managed to provide a memorable childhood just because of the magic she put into the things she did do for us kids, simply by choosing to have the ideal attitude of anticipation and a smile on her face when she did simple things with us.

My happiest memory was stringing fruit loops together to hang on our Tree. Was that rocket science to her? No. Was that something only rich people can do? Also no.

With or without Santa, with or without money, and with or without a Pinterest-worthy or Insta-perfect holiday, Christmas is magical because it’s Christmas and it’s spent with family. Your children will remember these days because of your approach to them and because you were there!

What about you? What do you embrace most from the holidays you spent at home back when you were a child?

Take that memory and acknowledge what about it made it so special. Go from there and start making a memorable childhood for your own little ones!

Merry Christmas!🎄

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