25 Touches That Make Your House Feel Homey and Blissful!

how to make your house feel homey

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I visited the house of my memories a few months ago. This is the home I grew up in for the first 8 years of my life.

Upon walking in, something literally took be back to those good times and triggered realistic sounds and scenes (just like it happens in movies) of my childhood.

I could hear and see my cousins and I running and laughing between the hallways. In the family room I remembered the 90s movies we repeatedly watched in there. In the kitchen, I could see us jumping off the kitchen counter playing Power Rangers. In the bathroom I heard my favorite cousin and I hollering at each other from bathroom to bathroom because of how funny it sounded.

But you want to know what ultimately made me feel like home again besides that same “homey” feel and overall structure of the house?

The smell. I can’t count on one hand the magnitude of times that place and been remodeled inside out, but I can tell you my aunt still has that same blissful taste in fragrances and fabric softener.

In the room my cousin and I shared as kids, I was able to recall the immense contentment and delight I always felt upon crawling into bed and covering up with the freshest linens! It is a factor of joy that to this day, I am pleased to provide for my own children, who I can see, embrace this fulfilling experience just the same if not more!

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My friend, just like with fragrance, a “homey” environment or fresh linens, there are countless ways to add a sense of bliss, happiness and joy in the home without going luxurious in the proccess!

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As women, we have a natural inclination to nurture our home and the loved ones who live in it. We also like it when our guests can sense a feeling of refuge and relaxation in our haven. We all want to make our homes a pleasure to be in. And we ourselves want to be able to retreat and indulge in our own little oasis, whichever room that may be.

I, especially as Mom of multiple toddlers, find it imperative to find and create ways to rest and delight in simple home-related pleasures for my own sanity as well as making my home a happy place even if I can’t have all the “nice things” at this stage in my life.

If, like me, you want your home to be a happy place, a shelter to your guest, a haven to your husband, and an oasis to you, here are 25 ways to help create that blissful environment in your home!

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How to Make Your House Feel Homey

1-Find quiet time. Ideally, enjoy it in the peaceful early hours of the morning. It helps set the tone for the day from the start.

2-Always make the beds. It starts your day off in the right mood, leads to productivity and encourages making everything else tidy.

3-Have soft lighting. Especially when you are in need of some down time; having warm lighting promotes a sense of relaxation.

4-Clear the clutter. This is one of the most ideal ways to clear mental overwhelm and stressful moods.

5-Display appealing books. Having a good book to read right on hand while relaxing on my couch or bed is one of my happiest moments!

6-Decorate with fairy lights. I don’t have the most glamorous home, but I recently decorated with fairy lights and it has totally leveled up the overall vibe of my living space!

7-Always have comfort foods on hand. Research has shown that comfort foods are associated with improved mood, enhanced energy, and positive state of mind.

8-Hot drink in a mug that highly appeals to you! This is yet another favorite that gives me a sense of warmth, rest and real joy!

9-Bring in lots of natural light. Having all your blinds and curtains open to let the sunshine in, is highly elevating of one’s mood and can really add some vibe!

10-Fresh linens. After a long day, we all want to be able to walk into a fresh room, take off our slippers and crawl into a nicely made and lovely smelling bed.

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11-Room spray. This one can go hand in hand with fresh linens as well as a being a means of enhancing that “clean home” vibe with a “clean home” scent.

12-Have some fragrance going as much as you can. Scent triggers 75% of your mood and promotes feelings of joy and pleasure! The following printable shows you 15 different ways you can ensure your home smells breath-taking at all times!!👇

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13-Bringing nature inside. When i started doing this, my husband said: “Little by little, I feel our home starting to feel more full of life“. And that, my friend, is exactly what live plants do to a home!

14-Light some candles when you can. This factor, just like with soft lighting, enhances a warm and soothing experience. As a natural element, the experience is that much more enriching!

15-Cozy/texture accents on the couch. I think these are my favorite inviting pleasures when I am a guest at someone else’s house. When I visit someone and they have awesome throw pillows, for example, I love it!

16-A pretty and wonderfully fragrant new hand soap. Ah this one! A beautiful hand soap in my bathroom that not only appeals but also smells amazing, has bliss written all over it!!😍

17-Breathe-taking bath and body scents for a hot shower night. What’s the only thing about a hot bath that’s even better than the hot bath itself? Having bath and body products that are highly appealing and pleasurable to use because of their AMAZING and super refreshing scent!

18-Breakfast tray for coffee and flowers in a mason jar. Okay, so I only added this one because In the early mornings I just want to be able to chill (and be able to move) in the comfort of my bed or couch without spilling my hot drink. Besides, flowers and a candle just add so much bliss to my already peaceful mornings!

19-Create a nice outdoor retreat. I don’t know about you but once in a while there are random moments that just call for a moment of peace either under the stars or in the warmth of some sunshine🌞

20-Music with scenery that contributes to the atmosphere you desire at the moment. So like in the morning I will display my tablet on full screen near my fairy lights and just take in the moment while enjoying coffee.

21-Do a touch up of the favorite room in your home. This can be tricky lol. You can choose between the space you genuinely love the most or just go for the one you spend the most time in by default. Whichever you choose, make it your little oasis.

22-Hang paintings that give off relaxing vibes. Paintings are literally the number one factor that will take me out of this world and into the one I see in the painting. The feeling is beyond soothing!

23-Give your home décor an update. This is a big one many don’t notice soon enough. I didn’t notice until after having 3 kids that my decor was no longer my style and that our framed photos were ssooo outdated! Make your home reflect your family and add authentic touches that reflect who you are!

24-Show affection! No matter what else you do for your place, if you don’t overall love on your family, it will all be in vain and completely useless.

25-Prioritize family time. This is so important to me, that I emphasize on this every chance I get. No matter what the general style of your place looks like, if your loved ones feel a genuine connection with one another, you will have satisfied hearts dwelling in your home.

Final Thoughts

If you take away anything from this post today, take this:

No matter what you buy, how you decorate, or how nice your things are and no matter how much you attempt implementing today’s tips, if you don’t focus on your overall attitude, nothing will work!

It is ultimately up to you to set the tone in your home in order for it to be a happy place!

Are YOU pleasant and nurturing?

Have you mastered gratitude and genuine contentment for what you already have?

Do you appreciate the people you share your home with?

Are your family’s needs and your own prioritized and met on a consistent basis?

If you can answer yes to these, the rest is just an extension of that which only enhances the overall tone in your home!

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