How to Radiate Confidence (After Having Kids)

How to radiate confidence

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Tiffany was just 8 years old when her parents approached her with news that would impact her self-concept for over the following 10 years. The shock over her Mom and Dad getting a divorce, was the start of her wavering confidence. After how fine they always seemed to her, the fact that Tiffany had clearly missed something marked the beginning of a Woman who became highly unsure of her self.

It’s almost a cliché that Moms loose themselves after kids. However, after Tiffany’s insecurities had hindered her from so much during her middle and high school years, she experienced the opposite upon having a baby girl at age 18. She faced the realization that if she wanted to raise a happy, confident and strong girl, then that is what she, herself, had a choice to make to be that example and stop being afraid.

Tiffany started to show her smile, she stopped looking away when speaking to someone and looked them in the eyes instead, she overcame her fear of asking questions and going after what she wanted. The one thing she was sure of was that she did not want her daughter held back in life for the same reasons she was. Tiffany didn’t want her daughter feeling what she had felt all those years. So she made her choice and started pursuing self-confidence!

How important is it to you for your children to see you as a confident Woman?

What must they know before you release them to this world?

What message will you strive to convey with your example?

If there are changes you need to make regarding how you conduct yourself in the privacy of your home as well as your engagement out in society, even for your own individual fulfillment as a person, then continue reading to find out what traits you can carry out to walk with your head high, a smile on your face and one foot in front of the other!

How to radiate confidence

Genuinely smile

Smile. It’s way more attractive than make up! Also, not only does it impact your overall appearance making you prettier , but it denotes pleasure, sociability, happiness, joy and amusement as well.

Look others in the eye

Don’t look away nor lower your gaze! When you look people in the eye while encountering someone, not only do you show yourself as a secure Woman but you also promote confidence to other person to a point that makes you warmly approachable.

Body language

Speaking of smiling and gazing eye to eye, body language goes a long way! You want to be that secure, approachable Woman so don’t cross your arms, or feel that your hands have to be in your pockets or on your phone to avoid others. Don’t fidget with your necklace or your hair. Sit/stand tall without slouching.

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Attire and accessories

Ok so we’re humans and as such, our first immediate impression of someone always inevitably comes from what they’re wearing. Your clothing will reveal how much pride you take in your appearance so dress the part! Putting your best self forward is as important as giving others confidence about you.

Acknowledge and add to conversation

If you are engaging with someone else in a conversation it is as ideal to be assertive and conversational as it is to be a good listener. Say what you mean, give your input, acknowledge the opinion of the other, etc.

Leave your ego at the door

This is not about carrying yourself with a sense of superiority. Respect others, display a genuine interest in them and be authentic. Walk the walk and always be a noble Woman of integrity.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, don’t try too hard to be the perfect person. If you lack confidence to begin with, then part of that can be a result of the impact of living in a culture and society that place every last ounce of pressure on us to be perfect!

If little by little you just implement these confidence-inspiring traits, you will manage to not only radiate on the outside, but your inside will match it as well, therefore making you a genuine pleasure to engage with!

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How to radiate confidence

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