15 Ways To Set An Inviting Atmosphere In Your Home

How to set an inviting atmosphere in your home

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Take a moment to recall that last time you visited someone’s home and was impressed by a particular factor of their home environment.

Did a nice, fresh fragrance greet you upon walking through the door? Were you able to embrace a sense of harmony while engaging in their space?

Setting the tone in my home and making it an overall pleasure to be in is something I am passionate about, yet challenged with because I am a soon-to-be Mom of 3 under 3. If you have toddlers you know it’s next to impossible to make your house look as if they didn’t live with you😂

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I have had to get creative with ways I can let my kids live in this house and still carry out realistic touches around my home that add a feeling of contentment and delight in our space. As a Mom and as a Wife who loves receiving my husband home after long work day to place he can embrace a sense of relief, here are some things I make sure are taken care of as much as I can.

So, whether you are expecting visitors or just like for you and your little family to be able to dwell in an appealing space, this post will reveal realistic touches you can apply around your home that will make it a place of comfort and bliss!

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Take a seat where ever your guest, hubby, or family member usually would.

When you sit on that side of the living room or that part of the couch or whatever, you can see the imperfections that are only picked up from where you are. Once, upon tidying up, I dropped myself on the couch to rest while guests arrived. You would not believe the amount of dust I realized was on my computer desk! So place yourself at their level somehow and go from there.

Upkeep on your cleaning tasks

When you have littles, it may not always be possible to keep the house tidy at all times, but it is possible to not have a disgusting house. I wrote a post called “How to Keep a Fresh, Clean Home (When ‘Tidy’ is Impossible). In it, I discuss the difference between being messy vs straight up nasty. You can have toys and clothes everywhere ‘cause you inevitably just can’t keep up, but you can’t have 20 layers of grease, crumbs and spoiled food on the stove you feed your kids from, or a dark brown toilet stain or a sink full of dishes with mold on them from multiple days. You get the idea.

Have a fragtant candle burning

Did you know that 75% of emotions are triggered by smells! Appealing fragrances and aromas are highly linked to senses of pleasure and well being. How would you like to set that kind of tone in your home for a nice, sweet environment? Burning a candle not only will look warm, inviting and appealing, but it is a simple and quick way to have your home smelling like paradise in no time!

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Have some dining room decor

If you’re like me, this is one more place where you ultimately gather each day as a family to share more than just a meal right? It is a sacred and treasured time to delight in your family’s presence. If you have an inviting, uncluttered, nicely displayed table with a warmly appealing table cloth and the simple touch of a cute center piece, even if it were just a flower vase, then that particular space and time will be that much more enhancing!

Always have something very simple for catering

This does not exclusively apply to the moment you’re expecting visitors. Everything I am suggesting here is very much associated with providing your family, above all, with your best home environment. What if after a long work week or even after a tough day, all your hubby wants is some down time with his family and a movie night with some snacks or something? Maybe y’all are just craving a little something you can enjoy as a family? Having something to much on right-off-the-bat is highly relieving!

Do you have a chimney?

Remove the clutter and have something nice and cute displayed on it. Place things on that will make it interesting to gaze at! I came up with this idea because looking at other people’s things in their homes is something I highly enjoy doing and I do it a lot! No shame😄 I’ll be staring at their picture frames or their cute little home accents repeatedly asking where they got this or that.

Fireplace with beautiful decorations in comfortable living room

Havbe soft music playing in the background

Have you ever walked into a clinic, store or office that didn’t have some music playing? There is just something so inevitably uplifting about it that sets just the right mood! In fact this is one of the factors that gets my day started smoothly. Having something nice and soft playing in the background when my babies get up, plays a huge part in setting the tone for the overall flow of our day!

Wipe down your bathroom and make it smell good

There are multiple reasons for this to be one of the things to focus on. I think in every home, the bathroom is just one of those places one goes off to, like it were your haven. So whether you need to retreat to that sanctuary of yours for refuge or you have guests you want to impress, a clean fragrant bathroom is a must! In fact add an extra welcoming touch to it by displaying nice and fresh looking hand soap with matching hand cream!

Always make the beds

The impact of a bed well made goes beyond the overall appearance of your space, but it is just as much an emotional relief! It somehow influences your mental state and how you feel in general. Try it if you haven’t and it literally feels like it takes a burden off your shoulders and you feel less overwhelm in your home. At the end of a long day, you will want to come to a nice bed calling your name!

Cute throw pillows

In my opinion throw pillows are the ultimate touch that enhance a warm and inviting environment right upon entering your living space. I mean, not only are they there to look cute, but they also add that extra boost of comfort when resting on the couch! I think a touch of at least a couple pillows on each seat highly impacts the overall view and feel of your family/living room!

Fairy lights

Pretty lights trigger senses of joy, peace, pleasure and warmth! Where in your home can you make fairy lights look beautiful and, in the process, foster these delightful feelings? If you ask me, some places that can look extra gorgeous when displaying these can be the dining table, desk, book shelf or mantle. Get creative!

Bring nature into your home

There’s just this amazing sense of freshness that comes with bring life into your home! It can be something as simple as fresh flower bouquet in the center of your dining table. (Vibrant-colored flowers are the best!) You can also have multiple plants around your home if that is what you like. If you have screens on your door and windows, you can even open them to take in that breath of air, life and nature!

Quick wipe down

Remember how dusty I noticed my desk when sitting from a particular angle in my living room? Yeah that’s not very appealing. Giving a quick wipe down of everything makes a big difference, even if it’s just the laziest of wipe downs, haha, it’ll do the trick.

Outdoor light

There is something about letting the sunshine in that makes the house look and feel a certain way. It definitely elevates my state of mind and creates a soothing atmosphere. Open all your blinds and curtains and let in the pretty sunshine!

Add your personal touches

There is no such thing as inappropriate or breaking the rules when it comes to decorating your own home. Use your creativity. There are special touches that only you can add to your space and that is what will make it uniquely yours!

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Final Thoughts

Living in a nice, fresh and neat home that is cozy, appealing, welcoming, comfy and inviting is all nice and fine. But the ultimate factor that makes it a delight and pleasure to enjoy, is sharing that space with the people we love as well as the friends we open our home to. And that, my friend is what makes the difference!

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