7 Ways I Turn On My Cleaning Mode (When Paralyzed By The Mess)

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It is Monday morning and I just had the most hectic weekend I had in a while. Between meeting with a fellow blogger on Saturday (not that that was any stressful, but it was early and a long drive), buying a new car, as well as attending multiple parties and church events, I can still feel the headache I got by Saturday night. And you know what else that means? It obviously means I was not home all weekend long to catch up on any house chores which means the sink, the trash and the laundry basket are completely full (or should I say overflowing)!

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Cleaning is the last thing I feel like doing today. So, what’s an exhausted Mom to do? On days like this and any given day that the magnitude of mess paralyzes me, there are 7 things I do, that quickly turn on my cleaning mode and actually make me feel good doing it. Sometimes it almost even gives me a sense of recovery from whatever caused the mess to begin with! Read on to find out which of the following tips can help you when you have these days, because I know you have β€˜em πŸ˜‰ Duh!

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If you’re repeatedly on here you will quickly find out how huge of a junkie I am with fragrances! It is a factor that sets the tone and triggers particular senses and moods. So getting a nice smell going in your home is ideal to get you wanting to make the rest of your house enhance the freshness!


Have you ever walked into an office or store that doesn’t have music going? There is a reason people listen to music everywhere, especially work places. It triggers a consistent upbeat mood that keeps your juices flowing and your body functioning, sometimes to a degree that it won’t even feel like work.

Outdoor Light

There is something about letting the sunshine in that makes the house look and feel a certain way. It definitely elevates my state of mind and creates a soothing atmosphere. Open all your blinds and curtains and let in that pretty sunshine!

Open Windows

If you’re up for enhancing freshness in your home and the weather is nice enough to not have the AC on, open your windows and doors (if you have a screen) and breathe that sense of life into your home. It feels so good, really! For a little more motion and environment get your ceiling fans going too.

Cleaning Products That Appeal to You

Maybe you like all natural, chemical free or maybe you like the brand cleaning products that just smell oh so good and actually make you feel like cleaning. Purchase cleaning products that are appealing to you and make you want to use and smell around your beautiful home.

Watch Cleaning Videos

YouTube is my bestie on the mornings I wake up thinking β€œI just can’t deal with this today”. So, early in the morning when I have these lazy feeling days. I watch Clean With Me videos that fix my lack of motivation real quick!

Dress the part!πŸ˜‰

Nothing makes me feel like making this place a home my hubby wants to come back to more than picking up my long hair into a high made bun as well as adorning my bangs with a cute vintage headband, and throwing on a snug tank top with some short stretchy, comfy shorts. Got that pretty stuff on and maybe even some small earrings and I am so ready to go!πŸ‘Œ

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Final Thoughts

I want to remind you that there will be days you may just want to give yourself some grace. It’s ok if you just can’t get over the headache or you’re knocked out before 10am even comes around (I have fallen asleep on my couch by 9:30am while reading to my toddler). It’s cool to just wait β€˜till Tuesday like I have and my household has survived.

In fact, making an approach like that can be one more factor to β€œoptimize your highest performance”, as when you give yourself some rest, you do your best job once you’re ready to get on it. But once your up and at β€˜em give these tips a try and see how great it actually feels! It can really make you and your home feel so full of life and it’s quite freakin‘ awesome!

So, ready to clean with me? What gets your juices flowing??

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