To the Lady Who Reached Out to the Distressed Mother in the Emergency Room

Dark Hospital Hall

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Dear Kind Samaritan,

It was a cold February night of 2017, I vaguely remember exactly how everything played out that night. It’s something I want to remember only enough to avoid at all costs going through that again. However, something thing I will surely remember forever is, for one: That night, was the worst time I ever went through as a new wife and young mom, and two: the degree of compassion I felt that day, because of you. And I hope everyone who reads this letter will remember it next time they come across someone in need.

Remember the worst day of your life? I was 9 mo pregnant as I held my first born baby in the Emergency. But then this one Lady...Read what she did. #open letter #motherhood #sick baby

It was a Thursday evening, after my daughter would not wake up. Her body was loose as a doll. That’s when we walked into the emergency room for the first time. My husband had not been feeling well himself but we barely paid any attention to that since we were so concerned over Daniela. That was until my husband worstened until he couldn’t even carry her. I realized that this was about to get bad, so I braced myself to hold myself together for them.

After a long wait, my baby and I were finall called. Every single sense of emotion within me was the most challenging thing I ever had to control as I was forced to hold my baby tight while being repeatedly medicated and shot. My 9 month pregnant self just sat there helplessly watching how much she screamed in spite of the discomfort she had already been feeling in the first place! I had never felt like such a failure as I sensed that I was the one causing her that agony!

I walked back out to the waiting room only to find nurses now cleaning up after my husband! He was passing out. I was overcome by concern and empathy for my him. I wanted to do more and  comfort him and my baby at once. But I felt that every last ounce of my efforts were being invested in attempting to maintain composure while having to watch the distress they were in.

My husband was seen and I was sent to the main lobby to wait a few hrs for my daughter to urinate in the bag they had placed in her diaper. So there I go with my huge belly, my 1 yr old in my arms, a diaper bag, a big blanket, my purse, our sweaters, and who knows what else! At this point was when I noticed you. I could tell you were staring at me. Something about it though, did not make me uncomfortable. I was already in such a shameful situation. No stroller, no food, snacks or water, no toys to comfort my baby. I was so unprepared and now all I could do was cry because I could no longer help it. At least I had enough diapers to change my baby every 5 minutes of her diarrhea. A couple hours later after returning from a diaper change I noticed you had left. I wondered why you never approached me or said anything. 

My nightmare was nowhere near over. After repeatedly having to throw the little bag away upon no success, I now helplessly had to hold my baby down and watch a catheter be inserted into her tiny intact body. This was the most overwhelming part of my night; once again enduring her screams and agonizing tears, not to mention that unforgettable look of plea she was giving to the only person who could ever defend and protect her: her Momma.

Proverbs 31:20

While I was in there I also tried asking for my husband. I couldn’t see him, I hadn’t heard anything and for hours I knew nothing. I was worried about him too! Discouraged, I went back to my place in the lobby.

It had been 9+ hrs since I had eaten or had a drink of water, and course I couldn’t go to the restroom and you know how that works at full term pregnancy!

That was it, I felt so done! I couldn’t take the exhaustion and I was desperate for any help I could get. I picked up my purse and frantically begin rummaging through it in search for my phone.

Suddenly though, I felt a tender tap on my shoulder. As I turned, it was you. When you handed me that Walgreens bag and embraced me telling me you know how it is, what I think you didn’t know was the degree of impact and difference you were making for me that night. That’s when I gave up holding back my tears in as I returned the hug telling you how grateful I was at your kind gesture and how much it meant to me. And I just wanted to dedicate this to you by putting it out there in gratitude for what you did that day and for all the people like you out there who don’t hesitate to be generous when they see someone clearly in need.

Oh and by the way, my daughter loved the toys. She is now a big sister and her 7 month old little brother now plays with them as well! He carries the little red ball everywhere!

Proberbs 31:26

As for the outcome of that night, thank God it was nothing major, they were just weak and somewhat dehydrated. I think it was just a bad bug that they had caught. That was a good scare but my family has been healthy and I am grateful and blessed!

I will always remember what you did. Yesterday you did it for me, tomorrow I will do it for someone else. You can be sure I will pass it on and also, because of my experience, I will encourage others to never, ever hesitate smiling at someone, giving them a helping hand or offering a few uplifting words whenever they feel that sudden impulse because it can and it WILL make a difference, just like it did for me.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I wholeheartedly hope this finds you.




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