Last Minute Mother’s Day Bundle Ideas

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Why is itย so dang hard when it comes to shopping for that perfect gift for that special person of our life named MOM? What makes it difficult forย you in particular? Isย she the difficult one?๐Ÿ˜† Whatever the circumstance, you just know you want it to be cute, special and usable; not something that’s just going to be displayed, un-used and eventually forgotten. But overthinking it so much doesn’t let you realize when the time finally arrives and next thing you know it’s already like a day before!

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To facilitate this process for you, I have a compiled multiple last minute ideas of small, uncomplicated collections that you can put together in a semi DIY gift bundle! These make perfect gifts because they are made up of simple, yet very cute items that would appeal to any woman regardless of age, likes and hobbies. So if you just couldn’t come around this year beforehand to contemplate the factors of your Mom’s personality to help you determine the perfect gift, check out the following examples to inspire you with appealing ideas for one, happy sized, thoughtfully elaborated gift bundle! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Bath and Body Works

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Raise your hand if you don’t love Bath and Body Works!๐Ÿคš (no one raises hand๐Ÿ˜‰) This fragrant mini bundle is simply enchanting! It is one of the items included in my first bundle, but in itself makes a nice, individual gift!

Petals Luxury Hand Cream Collection

Petals Luxury Hand Cream

What’s a ladies gift basket without some easily portable hand creams for her? I would love to have something like this handy in my purse. You know a lady loves her hands soft, and smelling like glory at the same time is just highly pleasing!

Green Tea Leaf Candle

Green Tea Leaf Candle

Speaking of smells, did you know that 75% of emotions are triggered by smells? They are linked to pleasure and well-being. Candles are definitely my ultimate go-to for setting the tone in a home! The green tea leaf aroma of this candle from hobby lobby smells so pretty, fresh and nice. The sweet smell is even more appealing than how it looks!

100% Cotton Luxury Spa Bath Towel

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Enhance the luxurious experience in these gifts with a nice towel! I got the biggest one and it is so thick and soft. I love it!

Bath and Body Works Love & Sunshine

Bath and Body Works Love and Sunshine

Doesn’t love and sunshine say it all? We all want that in our lives and when you can enhance that with a seasonally appealing fragrance this spring that is easily portable, that is a bonus!

There are so many cute options when it comes to baskets! I found a super gorgeous basket at Hobby Lobby that was so perfect ๐Ÿ˜ข But y’all know how it is when shopping with toddlers. Thanks to them it was no longer in the cart upon checking out, so of course I didn’t realize it until I started working on this!๐Ÿ˜‘ So, I made with what I had which is this nice basket I got for $3.50 at the Dollar General.

And when you put it all together…

Mother's Day Gift Basket


This is the final product of the bundle holding all the items I mentioned above. The towel I got, was ultimately plastic wrapped with the whole gift basket! Just didn’t get to take picture๐Ÿ˜•

Then of course I had to include one of those soft shower sponges to accompany the shower products I packed from Bath and Body Works!

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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fragrance freak, (but you can call me a junkie too). This cute bunch includes the Sweet Pea Bath and Body Works bundle as well as Sweet Pea and Violet Suave Shampoo (omg it smells SO good)!

Sweet Pea Bath and Body Works Collection


Click to view items from Sparkle Jewelry!๐Ÿ‘†

I love giving jewelry and I gathered several pieces in a fancy silver gift box from the Dollar Tree, which is also where I got that make-up, socks, and hair brush.ย SHOP HERE forย low-cost fashionable jewelry!

The shower sponge and Shampoo are from Target as well as that nice and big, thick, soft green towel in the picture.

And when you put it all together…

Mother's Day Gift Basket


I went ahead and deposited the jewelry box in the bin first, and gradually accommodated the rest of the items neatly above it, and this was the final result. It definitely looks cute like this and can be gifted as is. However when I gave this one, I went ahead and set the full items over the neatly folded green towel and wrapped the whole bundle with a transparent plastic gift wrap and a bow!๐ŸŽ€

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Cutesy Accessories

Ladies accessories

This cute collection makes a great gift for an office workin’ Momma who always likes to look her best and has her own desk on which she can display this dรฉcor! The framed dรฉcor and the small flower necklace were bought at Wal-Mart and the fancy Necklace is from Burlington as well as that ‘Fabulous’ cup (which was on clearance) ๐Ÿ˜‰

And when you put it all together…

Mother's Day Gift Bag

A full gift bag!

There is nothing too fancy about this gift bag in particular, but with the right gift bag (a shiny, pretty and colorful, girly one maybe), you can make the whole gift look more beautifully appealing and enhance her experience by wrapping each individual gift in tissue paper before placing them in the bag! That way she enjoys discoverng each gift one by one. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Mother's Day Gift Basket

Yep, this one is highly similar to the second gift idea of this post. The difference though, is the orange towel (is that even orange? Idk) and of course the colors on the items as well as a different fragrance from Bath and Body Works. This bunch also has a Apricot Exfoliating body wash. I so wanted a bath as soon as I sniffed that fresh, sweet perfume smell! Omg it smelled so, so good!

100% Cotton Luxury Spa Bath Towel

View on Amazon

Sea Island Cotton Gift Set Signature Collection

Glade Jar Candle Air Freshener, Angel Whispers

In this bundle, I added a Glade candle called Angel Whispers. Believe me, it smells as divine as it sounds!

Put it all together…

With the same procedure I used to position the items in the bin of gift idea #2, I did the same here. You can make it prettier and clear plastic wrap the whole thing with a big bow on it!๐ŸŽ€

Proverbs 31 printables

The proverbs 31 printables in over 10 different verses and 3 different colors make for great gifts as well don’tb you think? They’re all yours๐Ÿ˜Š

Final Thoughts

The possibilities are endless when it comes to DIYing a gift bundle! Depending on your degree of creativity and what you like to do, as well as what Mom likes obviously, these were just a few examples designed to inspire ideas of your very own. So even if these items are store bought, and even if it were โ€˜last minute’, applying your own particular and thoughtful touch on the way you elaborately package it, can really go a long way! Are you ready to make her day? You will have lot’s of fun doing this!

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Last minute mothers day gift ideas

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