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In just 2 months it will be a year since I wrote “To the Stay-at-Home Mom Who Has No One To Call For Help Upon Losing Your Sanity“.

This was 9 months after I started this blog and I remember it was “one of those days“. I was that Mom. I was fed up; legit FED UP, and asking in the Mom group what to do, because I had just lost it! I couldn’t function and my husband was at work. 

It was all so freakin’ real and the massive response I got from fellow Mamas made it very clear that they too, already went there! It sounds realistic but, until that point it had never happened to me and I just couldn’t believe the magnitude of frustration I had reached!

This is what inspired me to share all the possible tips with Moms who needed to hear what I had to say, like, right now! The responses I got on facebook threads just melted my heart and suddenly made it all worth it. At the same time, I was stripped of any last ounce of shame that I still felt for losing it with my babies. 

As 2018 closes I wanted to share my blogs number 1 post this year which discusses sanity saving tips for moms who have no help

What has happened this year since that post was written?

As 2018 comes to a close, my dreams are even bigger than they were one year ago. I anticipate big things for this blog which means even greater things for my family and in my personal life. There is so much to accomplish and yes, I still struggle picking out a hat during certain times of the day, of all the hats I have to wear as a Wife, Mom, Business Woman, and as…just, Elena.

My husband works all day and I still have no one if it weren’t for my him who gives his all when he is home with us. I am currently doing something I have literally NEVER DONE BEFORE.

I am setting real goals!

I know what I want for 2019 and will be creating something tangible and something visual to hold on to on my journey so I can keep moving forward no matter what! 

No matter how many times I get distracted approaching the Mom group with my problems.

Or how many times I have to take long drives with the kiddos.

No matter how many minutes it takes me to cry things out.

Or how long I have to soak in the tub when I need to.

No matter how loud i’ll need the music some days.


This goodie here👇 is from my #1 post of 2018 called “To the Stay-at-Home Who Has No One to Call for Help Upon Losing Your Sanity“. You can access it below!💌

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I will waste as much time as I need watching funny pranks on YouTube when I just need a good laugh and I will have as much coffee and wine as I need!

All in the name of Motherhood and not loosing my sanity to a dangerous extent! And all in the name of keeping my cool so I can function as a Mom and Wife and accomplish what my heart is set on for this coming year.

If you’re with me and have not read my most popular post yet, check it out here for the full list👆 of what Mamas gotta do when Mamas gotta do😉

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to read that post and tell me what you think!💌

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