How I Now Weigh Significantly LESS Than My Pre-Baby Weight!

Loosing The Baby Weight

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I’m starting to get so shy and embarrassed”, I told my husband in bed one night after the lights were out. “The insane amount of compliments I am getting from people is getting awkward”, I continued.

I mean yeah, it’s a good feeling but then I have to know how to act humble😆 (I swear it took me 4 days to start writing this ‘cause I didn’t know what to say or how to start)!

It’s one thing to share a thing or two about it on my Instagram stories once in a blue moon, but it’s a totally different “Story” when people I know (who saw me at my fattest) are now seeing me weighing what I haven’t weighed since JUNIOR HIGH!! And all in LESS THAN 6 MONTHS after having my 3rd baby. (I have 3 under 3 by the way).

Each compliment, without fail, is followed by a “So what is it that you’re doing? What have you been doing?”

Well this post is just the answer to that question.

How I lost the baby weight (and beyond)

While the ultimate reason for my lifestyle change was for health reasons, the following tips were my approach to not only loose the weight (30lbs), but is now actively a consistent factor in keeping it off on the long run.

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The First 3 Months of This Journey:

Foods I cut out: breads, tortillas, pastas, dairy, red meats, rice, potatoes, corn and broccoli-(such a bloater, lol).

(Remember, this post is about how I lost the weight and don’t forget that this is the diet I approached mostly for health reasons. Listen to your own body and your health proffessional!)

I consumed vitamins and supplements (This is highly imperative when sacrificing certain types of foods because you still need to be giving your body the nutrients it needs!)

I completely cut chips, cake, cookies, candy, ice cream, and any junk food.

My meals consisted of smoothies, fish, salads, tuna, ground turkey, soups, chicken…and…can’t think of what else right now😄

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My pre-baby weight was 140lbs, my current weight is 125lbs. I am currently just 5lbs away from reaching my ideal weight.

Long Term Approach:

My first (solid) meal is no earlier than 12pm and I eat absolutely nothing past 6:30pm (This method I did appraoch specifically for weight loss). This made me lose weight super fast! 30lbs the first 3 months)

I started monitoring my portions to more modest servings.

No longer drink juice, soda, or any sugary drinks. In fact, I make sure that all I drink now is water.

And, of coarse, there is no consumption of processed foods.

I walk at least 30 minutes per day. To me, that’s no crazy work-out routine so, totally acheivable. Especially if you have kids or a dog!😉

I drink plenty of water throughout the day.

The difference between these two photos is 1 month. One month in of doing all of the things I mentioned in this post.

Final Thoughts

If you landed on this post, I assume you have some level of interest getting your body back. I don’t have my body back or ever will. My Mommy pooch is very much still there. But if I can tell you one thing that I’d rather have you remember from this post, is what one lady told me once: ”If you’re doing it for you, that’s great. If you want to be healthy and feel great that’s all good but don’t you ever do it for what people will say or what others think.”

If you’re out there to impress people, you will never fit in because everyone has their own standards. Your body has it’s own qualities and it’s unique needs. You do you. Acquire your own body positivity. The one that makes you embrace what you can not change but to acknowledge what you can change and invest your efforts there!

In total my fellow Mama, listen to your body, acknowledge your needs and go from there. Take advice from your health care provider, take good care of yourself and don’t obsess over achieving a certain body image, but on acquiring overall health!

Lastly, remember that your worth is in God alone and not your appearance or other people’s perception of you!

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