The Modern Virtuous Woman

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High five and congrats! 

You are so brave for opening this post! If you would have been like I have been in the past, you would have unintentionally come accross it and run anywhere else but on a topic like this.

I used to be so jealous of this Woman.

The last thing I wanted was having to read about some invisible perfect woman, that I felt compared to. She used to remind me I can never be good enough, so I had no intention of even trying. But the time came for me to stop being so comfortable with my own invalid excuses for not attempting to pursue becoming the best version of myself that I can be, because that is what I have finally learned that this really means.

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My friend, being a Modern Virtuous Woman doesn’t mean being a perfect, immaculate saint. Know that you are actively persuing grace when you choose to invest your precious time and energy not in drama, not in gossip, not in dirty mom group games, not by engaging with haters, not by trolling complete strangers online, nor judging others or putting other women down, but rather, (and simply put), investing in being the best Mom, Wife and Sister in Christ that you can be. Build yourself up, Empower your family, Uplift fellow Women! How, though? In what ways? The following modern translation of Proverbs 31 elaborates in simple terms what all this means for you and how you can apply it without fear or self doubt!

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A  as noble as this is feared, intimidating and perhaps even unattainable! What can we still learn from The Modern Virtuous Woman?

Who can find themselves a top-notch wife? She’s worth way more than the latest fashion or technology

Her husband is thrilled to be around her and he values the degree of hard work she does.

Her man 100% trusts her

He knows he married a perfectly capable wise woman who can provide value to her home and family.

She is a compliment to her husband, not an obstruction

She will not fight with him in public or shame him. She will not make him seem like some ogre when talking about him with her mom or girlfriends. She will never bash her husband with anyone, for that matter.

She eagerly works with diligence.

She knows how to invest her time and money wisely in creating an inviting home environment. She is a mature woman who knows how to keep her self occupied with her own life and she minds her own business. She ain’t got time for drama!

She seeks to provide the best goods for her family

Even if it’s Monday and she’s so tired or got no sleep, if she is out of milk, cheese crackers or pb&j, she will make that 20+ minute drive to Costco to get whatever her family needs. Even when her husband is not home to help repeatedly haul the babies in and out of their car seats!

She’s always the first one to get up and the last one to go to bed

Her husband leaves early for work but she’ll get up even before the sun does so that she can have his coffee and lunch ready.

She makes wise financial decisions

She is a patient woman who takes the time to analyze how her family will benefit from her investment. She is wise and disciplined, and doesn’t just act on a whim.

She is one tough lady

A lively, spirited woman with all these characteristics is a physically and emotionally strong woman.

She is confident in her work

She’s happy with the outcome of her efforts. She is secure of herself. She trusts that her family has actually benefited from her hard work.

She reaches out to who ever is in need

She is not a greedy person, who thinks only of herself and her own. Rather she extends a generous hand to others and gives more whenever she can.

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She’s fearless

She is highly aware and secure of her ability to protect and prepare those entrusted to her.

Her appearance is neat looking

She takes pride in her body and celebrates her womanhood dolling herself up; most importantly for her, but also for her hubby and others influenced by her. She is a great example of self acknowledgement.

Her man has reputation

A man’s good standing begins in his home, by virtue of his wife. He is nothing without her. She honors him and builds him up.

She contributes financially

Her skills are profitable. Whether she works from home or from an office, she does her labors without being a complainer. She is a successful woman.

She knows her worth

What she wears reflects what is inside of her heart. She is poised and graceful. She transmits decency, self respect, and honor. She has character and strength. And NO ONE will take advantage of her or walk all over her!

Only positivity comes out of her mouth

This women does not invest any of her time bashing other moms or gossiping about people. She says nice things and uses her words to uplift and empower others!

She doesn’t have one lazy bone in her body

She’s not out enjoying her 40s while her house falls apart. Her children are fed, her husband has clean clothes for work and house is tidy and inviting.

Her children look up to her and her husband exalts her

She is the joy of her family and they are proud of her. Her children worship the ground she walks on and her husband loves her and values her efforts.

She is not vain

So far everything this Proverbs 31 mentions characteristics associated with the beauty of the soul. The beauty of the virtuous woman was not defined by one single physical trait! And neither should yours.

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Final Thoughts

A Wife as noble as this is feared, intimidating and perhaps even unattainable! She is so perfect and you feel it’s impossible to be like her. I don’t think I could ever even be friends with her at how imperfect I feel! However the Proverbs were composed to inspire wisdom and provide instruction. You can still learn something from her and embrace this wisdom so you can strive each day to be the finest woman you can be! Remember, just be the best you that you can be. Your best is all it takes!

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A woman as noble as this is feared, intimidating and perhaps even unattainable! What can we still learn from The Modern Virtuous Woman?

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