15 Money-Making Hobbies for Stay-at-Home Moms

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Have you ever come across a question like the one I asked on my homepage where I talk about the ultimate purpose of this blog?

It is a very important question to me be because my answers to that question is part who I am as a person, not counting that have kids or a husband. Just me, myself, and my likes.

(Did you check it out already?)

What do your answers say about you, and when was the last time you did those things? This site has forced me to live the life I blog about. And as I have devoted more and more time, money and energy on my own personal growth, on things I’m good and things I like, I have discovered things I never imagined! Let alone that those things can make me money!

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You see, I have had a love of reading books all my life as well as a talent for writing! Had I read books since I became a parent? No. Had I EVER aspired a job involving composition? Heck no. I absolutely love writing! But guess what? I had never even been aware of the income possibilities with writing that didn’t involve being a published author!

Enough about me though. What activities or talents of yours did you look back on? Do they have an income potential, even if it’s just enough for emergency payments, or family vacations? Check out my following list of hobbies you can pursue or carryout so that you can start making a few bucks. Not only that, you will feel so freakin’ good about yourself even more!

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What do you currently do to unwind? Earn cash while you enjoy yourself working on any if these 15 Money-Making Hobbies for SAHMs that you might be doing!


You’re a mom so chances are you already have a camera handy all the time. So whether your good at professional looking photography or can get away with landscape photography or even stock photos like the flat lays used on this site and other pretty feminine sites! There are sites that can get you earning a consistent income for every purchase your photo gets. Especially if submitted for commercial use!


I have seen comments after comments from Facebook buy/sell/trade group members in response to women selling fresh baked goods on those groups. If it works for them, you can do it too! You can even offer orders for parties, holidays, etc.


Same situation as above. I myself have repeatedly made purchases from ladies offer yummy dinner plates on those Facebook groups and they have a lot of people. Is there a special dish you can prepare or more? Cater on the weekends even!

Makeup and/or hairstyling

I have a friend who married a single Mom who has always supported her children alone, as a stylist as well as doing makeup. To this day my friend built a salon for her right on their property behind their house! She is highly successful and fulfilled with her job.


Ah, writing! Big one, and with literally endless possibilities! You can start a blog, become a freelance writer, publish a kindle book, pitch a guest post for a big and popular website, become a copywriter, etc. If is something you like and can consider seriously, check out Elna’s site where she talks all about this!


Cold whether is very soon approaching and it is the most ideal time for people to buy scarves, hats , sweaters, comfy socks, you name it!


People love paintings! There always a room in the house where we just wanna chill and have something pretty to look at. I for example love them in my bathroom. If you have a creative hand at that, it’s not too expensive to start. Get on it and start posting for sale!

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My respects for woman who do this! It the most gorgeous and beautiful thing ever. With such graceful and delicate impression the ideas to apply this are endless. Make it one baby sheets, on pillows, on kitchen gloves, pot holders, table cloth, it can even be framed with a quote!


Oh my goodness I remember my stepmom wanting me to do this at age 15, when clearly I had other interests! Anyhow the lady who taught me made her income on sewing and embroidery. And guess what? This is not only a money making hobby but also a money saving one. You can make certain clothes for your kids once in a while too!

Health/fitness coach

If exercise is or can be one of your hobbies, creating an Instagram account to get yourself out there can be the ideal thing to do in starting to promote yourself as a health and fitness coach.


I have a cousin who lives out of state and she constantly uploads the most impressive drawings and wall art on her social media! And that’s all she does is share them. She has no idea yet that I would love to pay her to make a drawing of my children and one of me and my husband! If she knew how much more people would do the same!

Party décor

If you have a creative hand at table décor, diy center pieces, paper crafting, wall art, etc. This is a super fun and highly requested opportunity.

Face painting

I used to do this when I was “young, in love and free”, lol. I started when I was only in Junior High and did it at festivals, school events, and church parties. Let me tell you, if I wanted to eat or play, my dad’s wife had to take my place cause there was never NOT a line waiting. People love this, girl!

Paper crafting

This is one of my favorites! It’s one of the things I did after I quit my career to enjoy the last days of my first pregnancy. I didn’t do it for pay though, I just had fun passing my time like that. You can make cute and bright or glittery banners for birthdays, engagement parties, photoshoots, and any other important life moments really!

Graphic design

This is one I am currently trying a hand at. I create and print some of my own wall décor (by the way, FREE STUFF will be available on Latina Wife and Mom Life very soon!), I design my own Pinterest images, as well as other site images and overlays. I have also gotten requests from people to create invitations for them and do that as well. You can design wall décor (buy thrifty frames, give ‘em a makeover and frame your work to sell), you can make invitations, flyers, announcements, social media images as a VA. You can charge like $5 per piece of work that you do. And you can literally do this from anywhere!

Final Thoughts

It is now easier than it has ever been to offer just about anything in exchange for cash. Decades and decades ago many just made their own stuff. Now, in a world where everyone is so busy more and more people are willing to pay to get things done for them.

Was there something in this list that appealed to you? Something you can start today or that you would be willing to learn, to make it work?

Give it shot. It’s amazing! Not only do you get to invest in you passion, but you will also get to “unwind” and get paid for it, while allowing others to enjoy your work.

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Money-making jobs for stay-at-home moms

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