Mi Amór: Our Beginnings

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Forgive me, but I just couldn’t fall asleep without saying goodnight to you first”.

Nabor and I had barely even talked before he exposed his interest in me like that for the first time (via messenger mind you). But allow me to take you back to where and how it all began; five long years ago in church.

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Hey Nena, you see that guy over there with the pointy hair do? That’s how I imagine your future husband.” Say what?! What would my 10 year old little brother possibly know anything about who could be my soul mate? But those were his words to me out of the blue, as he pointed to that young man we had never seen before. I simply replied “I know, me too!”

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Nabor was reverently walking behind the Blessed Sacrament along with the intercessory ministry he participated in, as they followed the priest. He had this very solemn and respectful expression that made me perceive his spirituality and humility. Nabor slowly walked right in front of me after the service. He looked me in the eyes and so I took it upon myself to say: “Hi”. That was it. He didn’t even respond more than a simple polite gesture (Just out of courtesy according to me). And that’s what so funny! To this day he insists that he did say something back to me, and he did not😄

I moved on after that night, in spite of having seen the guy on multiple, but few occasions.

I honestly never invested any thoughts on him. One Sunday afternoon my Dad says: “Get ready guys we’re going out to visit a family”. And that was kind of weird so I’m like: “Who? What family? For what?” He fills us in about some guys who play instruments had recently started going to church. They were in the process of conversion and wanted guidance to begin using their music to worship the Lord.

Upon arriving, I had no idea what we were doing there. The guy that opened the door was my Dad’s friend. I had seen him and his wife countless times in church. While we ‘chilled’ waiting for “everyone else”(whoever that was) to come home, my siblings and I headed to the family room. While they messed around, I decided to pick up the guitar that was there and start preparing notes. I was just in the middle of that when I could hear the door open in the living room and people walking in and greeting my parents. Finally three guys approach the kitchen, where I can see from the family room.

There he was! His young, brown-colored skin, some very defined dark eyebrows, cute down-turned eyes that smile with him, and of course his “pointy hair-do” that he conquered my heart with!

I thought ‘Oh my gosh it’s HIM!’ I would have never known I was sitting in his house!😮

He eventually expressed his interest in me after that night, or at least that I finally noticed. Because upon starting our relationship, he admitted to have liked me since before and had tried getting my attention (Like going out of his way, -as he put’s it- that night at church to walk passed me). I’m like: “Ohh…so that’s why you were speechless!!”😄 Or, like him wishing that first day at his house that I had been in my stepmother’s place teaching him guitar instead of her. (I was on the other couch writing notes, leaning on, what I didn’t know was, his guitar that he later admits not wanting to let go of after I had touched it that night).

The Lord brought us together through music, and it is through that, that we now both worship Him together to this day. I have never doubted God’s perfect plan for a moment. The man I married is truly my soulmate. There were highly painful challenges along the way, but it was all worth it! Everything we had to go through to be able to get married, I would do all over again in the name of love. But that, my friends, is another story.

2018 UPDATE: It has been over a year since I originally published this post. And I am done hiding what really happened to us. Read MY STORY here!

What’s your story?

Has the Lord been a part of it? In what ways?

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