Realistic, “No Fluff” Nesting Checklist Before Baby

Pregnant Woman Nesting

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Since becoming a first time Mom, guess what I learned after 3 pregnancies?

Nothing prepares you; nor for what each pregnancy will be like, nor what each labor experience will be. Let alone how things are going to be from now on upon bringing each new baby home.

There is one thing I can tell you I went through with each pregnancy. When it came to nesting, I was clueless. Regardless of being on nesting mode, it’s not like I knew what to do with it.

With my first, for example, all I remember doing is washing and folding my daughter’s clothes 40 thousand times. My second pregnancy got me doing nothing but stock up on baby boy clothes since he was my first boy. It is currently the last month of my 3rd pregnancy, and guess what? All Iโ€™ve done so far is buy 3 onesies!๐Ÿ˜„ Literally!

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Being a busy mom of 2 under 3, prepping for this baby was either the last thing on my mind or just something I was clueless about to begin with, so I created myself a nesting checklist to guide me.

I know that simply printing out a checklist is more realistic that trying to go back to a blog post and go from there.

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When it comes to nesting checklists, new baby must haves, or third trimester to do list, etcโ€ฆsome are just outrageously insane! I saw one on Pinterest that was so unrealistic and overwhelming that it had comments saying things like โ€œwhat a great way to stress a pregnant woman out, this seems a bit muchโ€.

Feeling burdened is the last thing any expectant Mama needs, especially toward the end. If anything, we need quick, realistic, right-off-the-bat solutions to our challenges.

In the following, you will find only the simple and indispensable must haves and must dos to be ready for baby. These address and include the following categories:

Baby’s Needs
Mama’s to-do’s
Nursery must-haves
Tasks for the home
Things to have in the car
How to prepare siblings
Be health/medically prepared
Postpartum recovery kit
Bath supplies
How to prep for hospital stay and what to pack for you, baby, and daddy

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, all of us Mamas nest in our own way and on our own time. We each live under different circumstances and have different approaches to life’s situations. In pregnancy, some Mamas like to pursue all the fluff and the โ€œnice to havesโ€, and some of us just need simple and want just the must haves; the stuff we just can’t live without!

I’m in the latter category. What about you? If you’re right there with me, let’s share this go-to checklist! Ya in? Get your checklist!๐Ÿ‘‡

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