Personal Growth For Moms: 5 Highly Empowering, Must-Read Articles!

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I remember a couple years ago, I walked into Barnes n Noble. I could smell Starbucks, hear some soft music playing and embrace the blissful scent of new tangible books! It felt so good to notice and acknowledge these delights upon walking in!

You see reading fascinates me to no end! Well, I had not made a trip to the book store ALONE in 3+ years. But this time, it was just Me, Myself, and I.

Upon browsing books of my interest, I suddenly felt an immense waive of joy and anticipation just by feeling the book and flipping through the pages as the smell of these tangible books reached my nostrils.

I had literally forgotten how much I loved nurturing my mind. And now here I was, suddenly remembering how reading made me feel! Reading was one of my favorite factors when it came to promoting my intellectual development and personal growth! I came to the realization that I had completely lost that big part of something that highly contributed to the Woman I am today.

Upon becoming a Mother, I had simply stopped giving myself time. I completely abandoned my ultimate hobby and, in the process, hindered my chance at building up certain aspects of my own person.

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When was the last time you took a moment to acknowledge something you’ve been missing out on? Something that doesn’t have to be sacrificed just because you’re a Mom.

According to you, when will be the ideal time be for you to invest in your own person again?

Are you aware that there really are realistic ways to achieve a genuine sense of fulfillment as a person?

If you want in on transformations you can start today that will change your habits and impact your overall growth and productivity in the process, take a look at these 5 must-read, motivating articles. I read each of these carefully selected posts from 5 wise Women. Just like us, they share our journey in our pursuit of personal progress!

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Personal Growth for Moms: 5 Must-Reads That Will Highly Empower You As A Woman!

1-The ultimate impact I have ever managed to have on the magnitude of my productivity, came from starting my day in the early hours of the morning. That is why when I read “Wake Up Early To Transform Your Life”, it highly resonated with me! Not only did doing this boost my efficiency, but it set the tone in the overall flow of my day! In this post, I love how Jen includes multiple possibilities on ways to take advantage of that time and the benefits you acquire. Upon reading the FAQs she included, I thought: “This is so perfect for Moms!”

2-What is the best approach to daily routine that goes hand in hand with a great morning? A great night routine! In her post “The Ultimate Bedtime Routine To End Your Day”, Brandi discusses a 15 minute approach to the perfect bedtime routine! 15 minutes?! Ideal for Moms who take time as it is to fall asleep! 😉

3-It is my belief that the only other strongest factor (second to lack of gratitude) that hinders your progress as a person, is the act of repeatedly comparing yourself to others. If this is something that is actively chipping away at your joy on a consistent basis, then Kira’s post “Stop Comparing Yourself: Live Your Journey” is a must read for you!

4-Speaking of comparing ourselves, if you are a Mom, chances are you have at some point been faced with the challenge of having to acknowledge and accept a new body that will never be the same again. I said it. It will NEVER be the same again. Gabby has exceptional, authentic advice in her post “5 Ways To Love A Body You Hate”. So if you are currently in that stage of Motherhood making an effort to embrace this new reality, you will take with you an uplifting sense of positivity!  

5-At the beginning of this post, I elaborated my passion for personal growth. When I started taking back what built my individuality, most of what I read or watched made so much emphasis one major factor: HABITS. It’s pretty clear that good habits have massive power impacting the person you will become. In her post: “5 Habits That Will Change Your Life” Anna Marie discusses how she found her own ONE foundational habit that ended up setting the path for further habits that naturally fell into place as a result! Her advice is a must read if you want to implement some real, life-changing practices that will achieve your fullest potential long term!

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Final Thoughts

In an effort to “empower” you, there is too much noise online telling Moms things like “you are perfect…be you…you are enough…love who you are”, etc. And while embracing your authenticity is good and, in fact, encouraged, the reality is, that a Woman who acknowledges her value, will welcome the idea that there is always room for growth and improvement!

I wholeheartedly encourage you to take these Women’s wisdom to heart and never stop leveling up as a Woman. Enrich your mind, body and soul continuously, and achieve a life you are fully proud of!

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